White Teeth: The Soundtrack

A Small Good Thing A Small Good Thing
Saloon Dreams
40 Watt Ovals

An idiosyncratic band made up of several members of O Yuki Conjugate, A Small Good Thing evades simple definition. Their instrumentation includes "mouth organ, pots & pans, short wave, violin, vibes, piano, whistles, guitar, drums, Olivetti, love scenes, French, Dictaphone, radio, and trumpets."

"The second volume of A Small Good Thing's Slim Westerns continues to draw inspiration from a mythic American heartland, mining the rich vein of iconography inscribed by countless dime store novels and Saturday matinees. ... the sound of this imaginary landscape is the classic accompaniment of pedal steel, Mariachi brass and lonesome percussion. The idea of an ersatz soundtrack is well worn yet the musicianship here is so accomplished and the atmosphere so vividly rendered that any clichés are avoided. The waltzing piano of Saloon Dreams ably conjures images of dancing whiskey bottles... "
(James Cowdery at burnitblue.com)