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Who's Who

The residents of Willesden Green, a multi-cultural northwest London borough and a scruffy, dynamic melting pot of ethnicity, between the years 1974 and 1992

The Joneses | The Iqbals | The Malfens | Others

The Joneses

Archie Jones
a middle-aged WASP everyman, a 'professional envelope folder,' laid-back atheist, Archie is haunted by the past

played by Phil Davis
Secrets and Lies, Prime Suspect 5 (director), Nicholas Nickleby

Clara Bowden
a Jamaican twenty-something, Clara rejects her mother Hortense's religious teachings

played by Naomie Harris
28 Days Later, The Project

Archie and Clara's reticent daughter, her name means "no problem" in Jamaican

played by Sarah Ozeke

Clara's mother, a fire and brimstone Jehovah's Witness who believes the world will end at the dawn of 1975

played by Mona Hammond

The Iqbals

Samad Iqbal
a devout and intellectual Bengali Muslim, Samad is Archie's old war buddy who returns to England for an arranged marriage and an unintended career as a waiter

played by Om Puri
Gandhi, The Jewel in the Crown, East is East, Code 46

the tart-tongued and fiery Alsana has been Samad's betrothed since before she was born

played by Archie Panjabi
East is East, Bend It Like Beckham

Millat and Magid
Samad and Alsana's twin sons: gang-leader Millat is rebellious and hostile; brainy Magid wants to be called 'Mark Smith.' Magid is sent to Bangladesh.

played by Christopher Simpson
Code 46

The Malfens

Marcus Malfen
Josh's father; a university lecturer and scientist, developer of the top secret FutureMouse project, a breakthrough in genetic engineering

played by Robert Bathurst
Cold Feet, Horatio Hornblower: The Duel

Joyce Malfen
Josh's mother, a horticulturalist

played by Geraldine James
The Jewel in the Crown, Rebecca, The Hound of the Baskervilles

Josh Malfen

played by James McAvoy
Band of Brothers, The Inspector Lynley Mysteries: Payment in Blood, Bright Young Things


Ryan Topps
a Mod convinced that he and his scooter are going to live fast and die young

played by Charlie Creed-Miles
Nil by Mouth, The Fifth Element

Poppy Burt-Jones
Millat and Magid's teacher who tempts Samad and admits to a love of all things "Eastern..."

played by Maggie O'Neill
Mona Lisa, Gorillas in the Mist

Millat's gorgeous blonde girlfriend

played by Annie Cooper
Bramwell: Our Brave Boys

the "Keepers of the Eternal and Victorious Islamic Nation," a militant Islamic sect with an acronym problem

"Fighting Animal Torture and Exploitation," a crazed animal liberation organization

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