Tess of the d'Urbervilles

If, as star Gemma Arterton believes, "the landscapes are characters in themselves," then by any measure this production of Tess of the d'Urbervilles is filled with roughly beautiful characters.

Filmed on location in the English counties of Wiltshire, Somerset, Gloucestershire and Dorset (all in the West Country), a large percentage of scenes were filmed outside, reflecting Hardy's love of nature and the seasons. Filmed entirely on 35mm film, the results were frequently stunning, but not without huge challenges.

"In Hardy, people tend not to sit in front of drawing room fires; they stand in landscapes, frequently in the rain or snow, and shooting outdoors through a particularly unpredictable English spring...made great demands on the production team," said screenwriter David Nicholls.

See a list of the real-life locations below, along with their fictional place within the film.

Shaw Farm near Marlborough, Wiltshire
(Flintcomb Ash Farm)

Golden Ball Hill, Wiltshire
(The Vale of the Great Dairies)

Great Chalfield Manor, Wiltshire
(The old d'Urberville mansion and d'Urbervilles farm)

Soudley Ponds, South Gloucestershire
(Mill Pond)

St. Michael and All Angels Church, Kington St. Michael, Wiltshire
(Tess's local church)

Owlpen Church, Uley, South Gloucestershire
(Angel Clare's local church)

Corsham, Wiltshire
(Casterbridge streets)

Marshfield, South Gloucestershire
(Village streets)

Hamswell House, South Gloucestershire
(Emminster parsonage)

Chevenage House, South Gloucestershire
(Angel and Tess's bedroom)

Upper Fernley Farm, Ozleworth, Gloucestershire
(Talbothays Dairy, Vale of the Great Daires)

Newark Park, Ozleworth, Gloucestershire
(Interior, Sandbourne Boarding House)

Stonehenge, Wiltshire

Brampton Manor, Gloucestershire
(d'Urbervilles house interiors)

Clifton, Bristol
(Sandbourne streets and houses)

Bluebell Railway, Sussex
(Sandbourne Railway station)

Purbeck Peninsula, Dancing Ledge, Dorset
(May Day Parade)

Castle Corfe, Dorset
(Exterior, Durbeyfield cottage)

Dyrham Park, Somerset
(Various exteriors)

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