Tess of the D'Urbervilles

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A tragedy involving Tess's friend Retty leaves Tess and Angel both deeply troubled after their wedding. In a moment of raw vulnerability, Tess and Angel confess their past transgressions to each other, but Angel is anything but understanding. A heartbroken Tess ultimately retreats to a bleak farm job over a grueling winter. While there, she is reunited with Izz and Marion, who finally convince her to leave. On her harrowing journey, Tess meets an unlikely savior from her past, Alec d'Urberville. He professes to having been transformed, and soon pursues Tess with his previous vigor. Now in dire straits, should Tess accept the dubious affections and financial support of Alec or wait for word of her estranged husband?

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A heartbroken Retty does not attend the wedding and instead tries to drown herself. A troubled Angel tells Tess it is time to reveal their former transgressions. Angel confesses to Tess, and is surprised by her ready forgiveness. Tess, in turn, tells him of Alec d'Urberville, and Angel is appalled. They will remain married but must part.

Angel decides to go to Brazil to open a farm, but as he is leaving meets Tess's friend Izz. He asks Izz to accompany him, but soon realizes the folly of his request and goes on his own.

Tess finds a job on a bleak farm run by Groby, the bailiff. There she reunites with Marion and Izz. Izz persuades Tess to go ask Angel's parents for help, but her nerves overtake her once she arrives in Angel's village.

Returning to the farm, Tess encounters Alec d'Urberville, now a preacher. Alec says he is a changed man. Tess reveals the news of her child, and says they must never meet again.

His passion for Tess rekindled, Alec proposes marriage. In desperation, Tess writes to Angel, begging him to rescue her. But Angel is in Brazil, unable to reply. Through a cruelly bitter winter, Tess continues to work on the farm.

Tess returns home to care for her ill father. After his death, the family is turned out of their house. Tess writes an angry letter to Angel. She cannot forgive him now for ignoring her as he has.

Alec follows the Durbeyfields. He tells Tess that he has offered the family support and will give them a home. She now has no choice but to go with him.

A frail Angel Clare returns to his father's church. Finally receiving Tess's letter along with one from Izz, Angel sets out in pursuit of Tess. He finds Tess in a boarding house. She says that Alex has won her back. He leaves in a daze.

Wildly distracted now, Tess commits an act of violence. She runs in search of Angel and confesses to him. They escape and enjoy some brief happiness in an empty lodging house before being discovered and forced to flee.

Tess intuitively knows their time together is over. She has a final instruction for Angel. Tess and Angel sleep for one final night before the police arrive.

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