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William Golding

William Golding
An intimate glimpse into the life of this fascinating author, William Golding's official Web site presents a gallery of family photographs as well as autobiographical accounts of the writer's childhood, a biography and descriptions of his works. Also intriguing is the account of 'treasures' left after Golding's death, which includes excerpts from his extensive diaries and information about his memoir and correspondences. William Golding, 1983
In addition to a brief biography and a bibliography, William Golding's Nobel lecture, delivered December 7, 1983, is available here -- both as a transcript and as an sound recording (via RealPlayer). The lecture is infused with Golding's characteristic humor and modesty. Also available are the transcript of Golding's banquet address, the press release announcing the prize and the Swedish Academy's presentation speech.

William Golding (1911-1993)
Twenty-one publishers turned down Lord of the Flies before it became a bestseller and Golding's most widely read work. This and other biographical tidbits as well as selected works can be found here at Pegasos, the Finnish literary resources site.

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19th Century Seafaring

The Royal Navy
The official website of the Royal Navy includes information about the contemporary British Naval Service as well as the British Navy's role throughout history. Explore the illustrated timeline and menu of historical periods. In addition, viewers can read profiles of important naval leaders, and learn about the most famous ships and battles of British times.

The Maritime Heritage Project
The California based Maritime Heritage Project Web site offers information about barques, brigs and ships (or clippers), steamships, shipwrecks and more. The Project's focus is on steamships plying the West coast of the United States. Read sailing logs, explore routes and ports, browse lists of captains and accounts of important passengers. A selection of news and tales from the 1800s are on hand for those interested in titles such as: The Perils of Travel, At Sea with a Cruel Captain, Disasters on the China Sea, Life at Sea on the Brig Osceola and many more.

Through Mighty Seas: Merchant Sailing Ships of the NW of England
Through Mighty Seas is a Web site devoted to 'the maritime history of the merchant sailing ships of the North West of England and the Isle of Man.' Historical photographs illustrate accounts of more than 850 ships that sailed the seas from the late 1700s until the First World War. Discover details about shipbuilders, shipyards, lifeboats, sea captains and mariners, shipping lines and other maritime history information.

BBC News: HMS Victory Tour
A wooden warship like the one featured in To the Ends of the Earth, the HMS Victory was Nelson's Flagship during the battle of Trafalgar. Climb aboard and tour the Quarter Deck and Lower Gun Deck of the famous vessel via interactive panoramic photos. Or study an 1805 sketch of Nelson's Trafalgar battle plan.

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For a complete listing of works by William Golding, see the William Golding biography.

About William Golding

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