Oliver Twist

Warning: Contains significant plot spoilers

A wounded Oliver is carried back to London by Bill Sikes. Fagin waits anxiously to learn the fate of the boy. When they finally arrive, Oliver is nursed by a concerned Nancy.

Meanwhile, Bumble makes romantic overtures to Mrs. Corney, who unexpectedly discovers surprising details of Oliver's past. She is convinced she has uncovered information of great value to Mr. Monks, who had previously inquired about Oliver at the workhouse.

Rose and Mr. Brownlow are devastated at Oliver's disappearance. Brownlow sadly concludes that Oliver was nothing more than a thief after all. But Rose's faith in Oliver is unshakable, and she secretly searches for him, determined to rescue Oliver and prove his innocence.

Nancy, still closely watching over an ailing Oliver, starts to wonder whether there is more to Fagin's concern than meets the eye. She overhears Mr. Monks and Fagin discussing Oliver, and realizes the danger he is in. Meanwhile, Mr. Bumble and Mrs. Corney prove unsuccessful at extorting money from Mr. Monks, and he leaves the workhouse with evil intentions and a handful of items relating to Oliver.

With no thought of her own safety, a remorseful Nancy decides to find a way to get Oliver back to the Brownlows. Her bravery proves to have tragic consequences.

In a rage, a desperate and violent Sikes snatches Oliver as a hostage. Brownlow and the police find Fagin's den, but no Oliver. Has the boy fallen into danger for the last time? In a terrifying and thrilling climax, Oliver is rescued from Sikes and reunited with Rose and Brownlow. Monks' evil scheme is revealed, and the mystery of Oliver's birth is solved.

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