Wallander: Series I: Firewall

Airing May 17, 2009 on PBS   Check local listings

A taxi driver has been brutally stabbed as two teenage girls walk resolutely away, one holding a bloody knife. Inspector Kurt Wallander (Kenneth Branagh) questions Sonja Hokberg, the teen suspect, who replies nonchalantly, "None of this matters." Since when did murder not matter? Is Ystad, Sweden, on the verge of some sort of chaos? As multiple homicides stack up, Wallander realizes they may be the least of his problems. Adapted from the novel by bestselling author Henning Mankell, Firewall finds Wallander facing a gripping countdown to an impending disaster.

Kenneth Branagh Video Interview
The Wallander star talks about his first recurring television role and bringing the scruffy Swedish sleuth to the screen.

Henning Mankell Interview
In a rare interview, the Wallander author opens up about his early influences and what makes Wallander tick.

Behind-the-Scenes Video
Masterpiece takes you on the set of Wallander in Sweden.

Spotlight on World Mysteries
Wooed by Wallander and author Henning Mankell? Masterpiece mystery! introduces you to 11 other notable mystery writers from around the world.

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