Wallander: Series I: Firewall

Two teenage girls are arrested for the brutal murder of a cab driver. A body is found near a cash machine in a town square, the apparent victim of a heart attack. Two open-and-shut cases. At first these two incidents seem to have nothing in common. As Wallander delves deeper into the mystery of why the girls murdered the cab driver, he begins to unravel a plot much more complicated than he initially suspected. The two cases become one and lead to a conspiracy that stretches beyond the borders of Sweden.

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Warning: Contains significant plot spoilers

A taxi driver is stabbed in his car, and two teenage girls, Sonja Hokberg and Eva Persson, are charged. Wallander questions Sonja, who says flatly, "none of this matters."

At home, Wallander finds his daughter Linda who offers surprising news. Wallander's estranged wife wants a divorce.

The next morning, Tynnes Falk is found dead in the town center. The apparent cause of death is a heart attack.

At the station, a new computer system is being installed causing some disruption. Wallander learns the taxi driver has died, and that Sonja has inexplicably escaped from her cell.

Wallander tracks down Sonja's boyfriend Jonas Landahl, who is surrounded by elaborate computer equipment. He offers no information.

Concerned about Wallander's personal life, Linda drags him into the world of online dating. He hears from Ella Lindfelt and suggests they meet.

Wallander learns that Tynnes Falk couldn't have died of a heart attack. He visits Falk's estranged wife Marianne who explains that Tynnes, an IT expert, had been on edge lately. He'd been to Africa, and wanted to save the world.

Wallander goes to meet Ella but arrives late, just as she is leaving. A power outage plunges the bar into darkness.

At a power station, the charred body of Sonja Hokberg is found. Tynnes Falk's body is also reported missing from the morgue, and Wallander makes a connection between the cases.

Ella concedes she may have overreacted to Wallander being late for their date, so the two meet again. Both enjoy their time together.

Later at Tynne Falk's apartment, Wallander finds a notebook filled with cryptic entries and a photo of two men in a foreign country. One of the men is Falk.

A return visit to Sonja's parents reveals that she was assaulted three years ago by Gunner Lunberg's son, and Gunner gave his son an alibi. Revenge was Sonja's motivation, but why three years later? Who killed Sonja?

Wallander returns to Falk's apartment to find the notebook and photo are gone. Falk's estranged wife explains that the other man in the missing photo is Kristian Suneson. The two worked together in Africa, but Suneson had some strange ideas.

In Falk's basement office, Wallander finds an elaborate computer setup. He turns to young hacker Robert Modin for help. Robert explains that the computer software is targeting global financial institutions, set on ruining them. A trigger is required, and they have three hours to find it. Wallander surmises who the mastermind is, and how he has been betrayed in the process.

Wallander goes to meet Ella, but finds her in peril, clutching a card. Wallander races to solve the case and prevent a calamity.

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