Wallander: Series I: One Step Behind

It is Midsummer's Eve in Sweden, and three teenagers in period dressed are celebrating in the woods when an assassin approaches and murders the trio.

A hysterical mother arrives at the police station. She's received postcards explaining that her daughter plus two friends have gone to Europe on a whim. The trio was last seen heading off to the woods for a Midsummer's Eve picnic.

One of Wallander's colleagues is murdered at home, shot at close range. Details about the colleague's personal life emerge, and Wallander wonders how well he really knew him. Wallander's colleague was involved in the case of the missing teens, but it's not clear how.

In the woods, the three bodies of the teens are now discovered. A fourth girl who was meant to attend the picnic may well be in peril. Moreover, the assassin seems far from done.

The killer seems to rely on knowledge secret to everyone except the victims, but how is this possible? Wallander races to uncover more about his dead colleague as well as the mysterious killer who always seems to be one step ahead.

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Warning: Contains significant plot spoilers

It is Midsummer's Eve in Sweden, and three teenagers are murdered at close range as they celebrate in the woods.

Meanwhile, Inspector Kurt Wallander is on a tedious assignment with his colleague Karl Svedberg. Svedberg cryptically tells Wallander "personal things are starting to intrude on work."

Back at the office, Svedberg talks to Mrs. Hillstrom, the mother of one of the teens. She has received postcards saying her daughter and friends went away on a whim. The three were last seen heading into the woods for a Midsummer's Eve picnic.

Wallander's daughter Linda arrives at his home with some healthy food and news. Apparently, Wallander's estranged wife has moved on.

When Svedberg doesn't arrive at the office, Wallander and Martinsson drive to his apartment, only to find him dead. Wallander interviews Svedberg's next of kin, two cousins, one of whom says Svedberg had identified Wallander as his best friend.

Wallander returns to Svedberg's apartment and finds photos of him with Svedberg. What had Wallander not been noticing about his colleague? Wallander also finds a photo of a blonde woman, and a group shot of four teens.

The photo of the teens is later identified as the three teens in the woods, plus a fourth girl, Isa Edengren, who was meant to be there but was ill. Mrs. Hillstrom explains the teens liked to dress up for secret parties.

Wallander goes to see Svedberg's other cousin, Bjorkland. He learns that Svedberg used to housesit for Bjorkland to impress his girlfriend Louise.

Wallander heads to Isa's house and finds her unconscious from an overdose. At the hospital waiting for Isa to recover, Wallander faints and is diagnosed with diabetes. Isa explains what she already told to Svedberg — that her friends are in Europe.

When the bodies of the three teens are unearthed, Isa is distraught, adamant that no one else knew about the woods rendezvous. She sneaks out of her hospital room to Barnso Island, where Wallander ultimately finds her and tragedy strikes.

News comes in that the blonde woman, Louise, has been spotted in a Copenhagen nightclub. Wallander goes to the club and finds Louise but she escapes. Wallander realizes that Louise is not entirely who she appears to be.

Meanwhile, newlyweds being photographed on the beach are gunned down, along with their photographer. It is confirmed that only they knew of their secret photo shoot location.

How does the killer get inside people's secrets and know where they will be? As Wallander is discussing with his colleague Hoglund, he spots a postman. In his head, a theory starts to formulate. However, a trip to the post office depot doesn't provide any immediate answers.

Under immense pressure to solve the case, Wallander looks again at the staff of the post office depot, and he gets the break he needs. At the killer's home, he finds a random postcard from his daughter Linda addressed to him. Wallander races home and comes face-to-face with a killer. As the scene unfolds, Wallander learns of his own inexplicable role at the center of the mystery.

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