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Warrior Queen
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Boudica, the Iceni and Roman Britain

Encyclopeaedia Romana: Roman Britain: Boudica
An essay on the Boudican rebellion that examines the background and causes of the revolt, as well as the course of events. Included are excerpts from Cassius Dio and Cornelius Tacitus, the only two ancient authorities on the rebellion. Encyclopeadia Romana is a collection of essays on Roman architecture, history, and culture from the University of California at San Francisco. The collection also includes essays on the Roman provinces of Britannia and Hispania.

The Annals: Book XIV: Chapters 29-37
Cornelius Tacitus, an ancient Roman historian, wrote the first account of Boudica's rebellion in his book The Annals. This work is the major historical source for the events that took place during the rebellion. Read an excerpt describing the rebellion from The Annals, translated from the Latin and adapted by Arthur Murphy in the Athena Review, "a journal of archaeology, history and exploration."

Roman History: Epitome of Book LXII
Cassius Dio's Roman History is the only contemporary source, aside from Tacitus, that covers Boudica's rebellion. Scroll down to section LXII to read his account. From the History Gateway at the University of Kansas.

History Heads: In Boudica's Footsteps
Created to accompany the film Fact or Fiction: Boudica, this site tells the story of Boudica's rebellion by taking users step by step on her journey. Users can also find out where they can see evidence of the rebellion first hand. Fact or Fiction, a film that attempted to uncover the story of the real queen, was first broadcast on Britain's Channel 4 in June, 2002.

BBC: History
The BBC History Web site covers a broad range of topics through in-depth articles, multimedia, timelines, and short biographies of historic figures. Users can discuss various topics by posting messages on a message board, participate in live chats, and subscribe to a newsletter.

    Historic Figures: Boudicca (AD 62)
    A brief description of Queen Boudicca and the rebellion she led against Rome from BBC History.

    Prehistory: Native Tribes of Britain
    This map shows the key tribal regions at the time of the Roman Conquest in the First Century AD. A brief description of each of the tribes, including the Iceni, is given.

    Romans: An Overview of Roman Britain
    Dr. Mike Ibeji, a Roman military historian, examines some of the subtle and surprising truths about Roman Britain. He gives a general overview of the Roman invasion, the Romans in Britain, and the Boudican rebellion.

    British Timeline: Romano Britain AD 43-409
    A timeline detailing major events in British history from 8300 BC to 2002. Included is information from the time of the Roman invasion in AD 43 to their withdrawal in AD 410.

The Celtic Tribes of Britain: The Iceni
General information on the Iceni. A link takes you to a page on Thetford, which includes an aerial photograph of Gallows Hill showing the outline of the massive enclosure that may have been Boudica's rallying point for her tribe.

Roman Britain
Guy de la Bédoyère, an author of several books on Roman British history, has created a site that examines Roman Britain. An excerpt from his latest book, Defying Rome: The Rebels of Roman Britain, examines the rise and fall of Boudica and is included on the site.

The Romans in Britain
Victius Maxiums has created a Web site that documents the history of the Romans in Britain from 100 BC to 450 AD. The site offers information on the tribes of Britain before the Roman invasion, Celtic society, life in Britain after the conquest, and the decline of Roman Britain.

PBS: The Roman Empire in the First Century
The Roman Empire in the First Century was presented as part of the PBS series Empires. The companion Web site to the film lets users meet the Emperors of Rome and learn about life in the First Century AD. Included on the site is a brief description of Boudica's rebellion. The site also offers excerpts from the works of ancient poets, philosophers, historians, religious leaders, soldiers, and enemies and rebels. Special features of the site include a timeline, an interactive game, and a family tree of the Augustus Dynasty.

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Queen Boudica and other women warriors

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Webster, Graham. Boudica: The British Revolt Against Rome AD 60. New York, New York: Routledge, 2000.

Zoll, Amy. Gladiatrix: The True Story of History's Unknown Woman Warrior. New York, New York: Berkley Boulevard Books, 2002.

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Roman Britain and Roman history

Dio, Cassius. Roman History. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 1961-1969.

Frere, Sheppard. Britannia: A History of Roman Britain. New York, New York: Routledge, 1987.

Millett, Martin. English Heritage Book of Roman Britain. London: B.T. Batsford, 1995.

Potter, T.W. Roman Britain. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 1997.

Salway, Peter. The Oxford Illustrated History of Roman Britain. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1993.

Tacitus, Cornelius. The Annals of Imperial Rome. London: Penguin Books, 1996.

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