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Warrior Queen
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Who's Who

Britain's warrior queen is beautiful and serene, but spirited and strong-willed. As the story begins she is full of pride and love for her people -- especially her two daughters and her jaded warrior husband, Prasutagus. After his death, her daughters are raped in front of her by jeering Roman soldiers and she herself is brutally flogged and humiliated. Her response, as she sets out to reap revenge, earns the unswerving respect of her Iceni warriors.

Alex Kingston
Alex Kingston grew up outside London, and made her stage debut at the age of five, playing the Angel Gabriel in a nativity play. She landed her first professional role at the age of fifteen on the British television series Grange Hill. Kingston won a place at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and then worked in repertory theatres across England before joining the acclaimed Royal Shakespeare Company.

After appearing as the title character in Masterpiece Theatre's critically acclaimed Moll Flanders ("As good as television gets..." in 1996, she joined the cast of NBC's phenomenally successful ER in the role of Dr. Elizabeth Corday. Her feature films include the critically acclaimed Croupier; Essex Boys; and The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover.

Kingston lives in Los Angeles with her husband Florian Haertel, a German journalist, and their daughter, Salome.

Boudica's husband. He was a brilliant warrior and a worthy king, but he's been under constant strain from fighting guerrilla warfare with the Romans and constantly on several different fronts with neighboring tribes. After a particularly bloody encounter, he has been suffering from a kind of Celtic post-traumatic stress disorder. He considers himself a pragmatist. His mission now is to protect his kingdom, his people, and his daughters. But his nerve is shattered and Boudica detects this, loving him for the man he was, not what he is now.

Steven Waddington
Originally from Leeds, Yorkshire, the 6'1" Waddington has performed with the Royal Shakespeare Company. Films of note include The Last of the Mohicans and Sleepy Hollow.

Prasutagus and Boudica's elder daughter, beautiful and gentle as a deer. She supports her father's logical thinking.

Emily Blunt

Prasutagus and Boudica's high-spirited younger daughter, wild, sexy and fierce.

Leanne Rowe

A brilliant young warrior in his prime who offers Boudica his support following the death of her husband. It's not in his nature to compromise with the Romans. He's with Boudica all the way. Boudica loves his simplicity and unswerving, warlike nature. He's a simpler character than she but brave and heroic. They soon become lovers. The young children worship Dervalloc -- he's the David Beckham of killer warriors.

Hugo Speer Born in Harrogate in Yorkshire, Hugo Speer trained at the Arts Educational School. He made his feature film debut in 1993's Bhaji on the Beach, in which he appeared for just a couple of minutes. After working solidly in television drama for several years, Hugo landed the role of the well-endowed exhibitionist, Guy, in The Full Monty, the phenomenally successful feature film about a group of stripping Sheffield steelworkers. He is also known for his likeable performance in the British television series Hearts and Bones.

Siora's boyfriend is as wild as she. He teaches the small children to attack the Roman platoons: "Never make a move unless it's at least four to one. Always go for the hands and feet."

Ben Faulks

A Druid (the priestly caste of the Celts) and a dangerous character, Magior is a fundamentalist who believes that Prasutagus is selling out to the Romans. He knows the king no longer has the will for a fight and decides to administer a questionable dose of medicine.

Gary Lewis
A native of Glasglow, Lewis is best known for his roles as Billy's father in Billy Elliot and as McGloin in Gangs of New York.

The middle-aged Roman Ambassador. He is shrewd, an excellent dealmaker and encourages Prasutagus to enter into the treaty which makes him one of the Romans' client kings.

Angus Wright
Angus Wright has appeared in Masterpiece Theatre's Painted Lady (as the young Charles Stafford) and The Way We Live Now (as Miles Grendall). He was in 2002's theatrical release Nicholas Nickleby.

Catus Decianus
The slimy Roman procurator, young aide to Severus. He is fiercely ambitious. Boudica hates seeing her people meekly laying goods before the Romans. The Roman soldiers in turn are very disciplined and bored and regard the Iceni as little more than wild animals.

Steve John Shepherd
Steve John Shepherd appeared in Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002) as Naboo Lieutenant.

Tiberius Claudius Nero Germanicus, Emperor of Rome, is in his fifties, sickly and frail but with an impressive entourage. Boudica is amazed when she sees him for the first time: "He looks like a woodlouse." He's got a limp and a speech impediment, but he's very bright and a genuinely likeable chap. The Iceni can't help but warm to him.

Jack Shepherd
Jack Shepherd was born in Leeds in 1940 and received a degree in Fine Art from Kings College, Newcastle, before he began to study acting. He worked at the Royal Court Theatre from 1965 to 1969, ran a drama studio in north London and was a member of the National Theatre from 1978 to 1986. His television credits include the role of Ron Maher in Masterpiece Theatre's The Jury.

Spoiled, young and paranoid. A typical teenage boy, Nero likes fast chariots and bad music. But corruption and decadence are at the heart of this huge Empire. There's something dark and seedy going on. Nero takes over when Claudius dies and makes sweeping changes. His plans include the building of a massive temple in Colchester dedicated to the memory of his murdered predecessor.

Andrew Lee Potts
The twin brother of actress Sarah-Jane Potts, Andrew played Pvt. Eugene Jackson in the TV mini-series Band of Brothers.

Nero's mother has poisoned her own husband so that Nero can become Emperor and she holds him in an unnatural sway. Theirs is an incestuous relationship.

Frances Barber
Frances Barber has performed with the National Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Companies; her films include Prick Up Your Ears (1987) and Sammy And Rosie Get Laid (1987). Her television credits include roles in Inspector Morse (1987) and Masterpiece Theatre's Love In A Cold Climate (2001).

Nero's secret weapon, his last resort, Rommel to Nero's Hitler. He is tough looking, self-contained, in his middle years. He holds Nero in deep contempt, which he succeeds in concealing most of the time. He has a reputation as a military genius.

Michael Feast
An actor and composer, Michael Feast has several Masterpiece Theatre and Mystery! productions to his credit, including Clarissa (1991), Touching Evil I, II, and III and The Murder of Stephen Lawrence.

Nero's gorgeous young trophy wife

Kara Tointon

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