Who's Who

Dervalloc Dervalloc

A brilliant young warrior in his prime who offers Boudica his support following the death of her husband. It's not in his nature to compromise with the Romans. He's with Boudica all the way. Boudica loves his simplicity and unswerving, warlike nature. He's a simpler character than she but brave and heroic. They soon become lovers. The young children worship Dervalloc -- he's the David Beckham of killer warriors.

Hugo Speer
Born in Harrogate in Yorkshire, Hugo Speer trained at the Arts Educational School. He made his feature film debut in 1993's Bhaji on the Beach, in which he appeared for just a couple of minutes. After working solidly in television drama for several years, Hugo landed the role of the well-endowed exhibitionist, Guy, in The Full Monty, the phenomenally successful feature film about a group of stripping Sheffield steelworkers. He is also known for his likeable performance in the British television series Hearts and Bones.