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The Way We Live Now
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An Interview with David Suchet
Actor David Suchet, previously Poirot on Mystery!, discusses the challenges of portraying a master con man.

"The thing about Melmotte and Maxwell is that both had enormous charm, with totally convincing, wonderfully winning ways. In addition to being good actors, both knew how to manipulate people. They were great salesmen. I suppose that's the key. A successful swindler has to be a great salesman even more than a great actor..."

Anthony Trollope
A biography of an author who felt his job was to make his readers "so intimately acquainted with his characters that the creation of his brain should be to them speaking, moving, living, human creatures..."

[His] discipline resulted in an output of 47 novels, several travel books, biographies, and innumerable short stories and sketches. Although this routine was periodically interrupted by travel, Trollope never stopped writing, continuing his work on boats and trains, beginning his next novel as soon as he had completed his last.

Production Notes
Capturing the detail of a new world order: London in the 1870s, new technologies, the railway boom, the role of women.

Even within the family, things were changing. The generation gap had never felt so wide, and throughout the novel, rebellious, headstrong children shock their parents with disobedience, wild behavior, and independence...

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