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Kenneth Grahame

South East England: The Wind in the Willows
A brief introduction to Kenneth Grahame and The Wind in the Willows. Explore the countryside that inspired the charming tale, learn about other authors connected with the region or use the 'literary planner' to plan your own visit. From "the official guide to South East England."

Great Scots A to Z: Kenneth Grahame 1859 - 1932
The Wind in the Willows was originally titled The Wind in the Reeds. Find out why Grahame changed the name, learn about the relationship he had with his son and discover why Kenneth Grahame's life was not without tragedy. From, Web site for The Scotsman Publications Ltd.

Scottish Authors: Kenneth Grahame: Essayist & Children's writer 1859-1932
This brief biography of Kenneth Grahame provides a concise overview of his career as a writer. SLAINTE is the Web site of the Scottish Library & Information Council and the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals in Scotland.

Kenneth Grahame (1859-1932)
"The Wind in the Willows reflected (Kenneth Grahams's) unhappiness in the real world..." So claims this Books and Writers entry from Pegasos, a Finnish literary site in a biographical account of the author that covers his early life and education through to his retirement and the tragic death of his son. Suggestions for further reading and a list of selected works are also provided.

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The Wind in the Willows

OULS: The Original Wind in the Willows
For World Book Day 2007, the Oxford University Library (OULS), the largest university library system in the UK, presents this beguiling display celebrating The Wind in the Willows. Peruse the original manuscript and a slide show of original illustrator E. H. Shepard's drawings, or read the letters about the book that were written to Kenneth Grahame by President Roosevelt himself. Also on view are Grahame's son Alastair's own copy of the book, a biography of Kenneth Grahame and more.

Times Online: The Secret Code of Toad
This February 2007 Times Online article reviews a collection of letters written by Kenneth Grahame to his son Alastair, who was away on holiday at the time. What was the author trying to impart to his son through his whimsical stories? The article attempts to answer this and also provides some insight into the character of Toad.

NPR: A New Wind in the Willows
Daniel Pinkwater, Weekend Edition children's literature specialist, joined NPR host Scott Simon in November of 2004 to discuss Inga Moore's new and abridged version of the classic tale The Wind in the Willows. Together, they read an excerpt from the book, share personal stories, and remind us just what a powerful and enchanting story it is.

Librivox: The Wind in the Willows
A volunteer project, it is Librivox's mission to make all public domain books available as free audio books. Here, users can also download the audio book of The Wind in the Willows, in its entirety or in sections. The page provides a brief outline of The Wind in the Willows, identifies themes and touches on the books reception.

Project Gutenberg The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame
Project Gutenberg a producer of free electronic books, presents full and unabridged e-texts of classic works of literature. Here, users can download the ebook of The Wind in the Willows, or visit a bibliographic record of Kenneth Grahame.

WGBH Forum Network: Spider's Web: Wind in the Willows
Listen to a 1977 audio recording of The Wind in the Willows read by Francis Shrand, Peter Johnson and Joseph Shrand. The Spider's Web radio series, one of WGBH's earliest productions aimed at promoting literacy, offers visitors the chance to hear Kenneth Grahame's novel read in fifteen parts.

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Books about Kenneth Grahame

Chalmers, Patrick R. Kenneth Grahame: Life, Letters and Unpublished Works. London, UK: Methuen, 1933.

Graham, Eleanor. Kenneth Grahame: A Walck Monograph. New York, NY: H. Z. Walck, 1963.

Green, Peter. Kenneth Grahame, A Biography. Cleveland, OH: World Publishing Company, 1959.

Prince, Alison. Kenneth Grahame: An Innocent in the Wild Wood. London, UK: Allison & Busby, 1994.

Wullschlager, Jackie, Inventing Wonderland: The Lives and Fantasies of Lewis Carroll, Edward Lear, J.M. Barrie, Kenneth Grahame, and A.A. Milne. London, Free Press, 1996.

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Books by Kenneth Grahame

Pagan Papers, 1893

The Golden Age, 1895

Dream Days, 1898

The Headswoman, 1898

The Wind in the Willows, 1908

The Cambridge Book of Poetry for Children, (selected and edited by Kenneth Grahame), 1916

Fun O'The Fair, 1929

The Reluctant Dragon, 1938

Sweet Home, 1946

Toad Goes Caravanning, 1947

Bertie's Escapade, 1949

My Dearest Mouse 'The Wind in the Willows' letters, 1988

Duck Song, 1998

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