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The Japanese Connection
Who would expect the source of an authoritative Web guide to Victorian England and its be the University of Nagoya, Japan?

" too much emphasis is being put on the communicative aspects of English education, while English literature (except 20th-century literature) is kept away from the classroom. Dickens and Gaskell, for example, are considered too difficult for our students in the original English. In terms of difficulty, Victorian literature is much less popular than modern American literature -- Hemingway, for example..."

An Interview with Andrew Davies
Andrew Davies is the screenwriting genius behind some of Masterpiece Theatre's best-loved productions: Middlemarch, the House of Cards trilogy, Moll Flanders, and A Rather English Marriage -- and now, Wives and Daughters.

"...(Osborne) seems to be a caricature of a gay character. He's always talking about the opera, he's very good with older ladies, he has a very close relationship with his mother, he can't stand his father. The secret French wife and the child seemed a bit unlikely to me, and so I tried to make him more Keatsian -- not a drooping spirit, but a passionate, poetic character, who just had the bad luck to have a growing and fatal illness..."

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