Wuthering Heights

Episode 2
Heathcliff's presence continues to throw Cathy's life with Edgar into turmoil while Hindley becomes another victim of Heathcliff's revenge. Isabella learns that being hated by Heathcliff is better than being loved by him. Meanwhile, Cathy becomes gravely ill. Can the haunted Heathcliff, now more tormented than ever by the love that he can never have, ever find peace?

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Warning: Contains significant plot spoilers

Heathcliff's appetite for revenge grows and Hindley is coerced into selling more land to Heathcliff. Heathcliff's courtship of Isabella leads to a furious argument with Cathy. Edgar's attempt to force Heathcliff to leave is met by Cathy's hostility and Heathcliff's vicious retaliation. Only Cathy's words can persuade Heathcliff to desist. Edgar tells Cathy that if she wishes to remain friends with Heathcliff, she must also leave. Cathy reveals that she is pregnant with Edgar's child.

Isabella informs Heathcliff of Cathy's pregnancy and they leave together to marry, although Heathcliff knows that he can never be free from his love for Cathy. When they return to Wuthering Heights, Heathcliff learns that Cathy has become gravely ill. Cathy and Heathcliff are reunited one night amidst a raging storm.

Heathcliff comes violently close to killing Hindley, and as a result, Isabella leaves Heathcliff. Isabella tells Edgar that she is pregnant with Heathcliff's child, but Edgar refuses to help. Heathcliff persuades Nelly to let him see Cathy and holds her dying body in his arms until Edgar arrives. As Cathy breathes her last breath, Heathcliff waits in the garden. Cathy's baby daughter, Catherine, lives.

Eighteen years pass and Edgar is dying. Heathcliff has forced Catherine to marry his son, Linton. Linton has been sick for months and dies only weeks after their marriage. Catherine lives at Wuthering Heights with Nelly and Hareton, Hindley's son. Heathcliff continues to be tormented by his memory of Cathy. Catherine grows fond of Hareton and when Heathcliff's life comes to a sudden end, there seems to be some hope of happiness for Catherine and Hareton's future together.

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