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The dashing Roman detective Aurelio Zen is stuck in the hot seat when an important aristocratic family's disreputable son falls to his death from a bridge over the Tiber River. The powerful Ministry, to insulate itself against scandal, puts Zen on the case and demands his swift dismissal of the death as suicide. But the beautiful prosecutor Pirlo, exuding power and no shortage of allure, presses for a probing investigation...and a little something with Zen on the side.

With these cross-purposed powers breathing down his neck, Zen then learns of the Cabal, a shadowy criminal organization at the highest levels of Italian society. But Zen isn't buying conspiracy theories. He's simply trying to survive his dilemma as a pawn in a potentially sinister political game.

It's a case that demands a calm and delicate touch, and the stress is showing for Zen, even at home, where the stylish reputed maverick lives...with his mother. But he's relieving some tension in the arms of the murder squad's gorgeous secretary Tania Moretti. That is, until smug colleague Vincenzo Fabri moves in, leaving Zen in the hands of the overeager Pirlo, and a case that threatens to alienate Zen from everything — and everyone — he finds important.

Based on Michael Dibdin's Aurelio Zen novel, Cabal stars Rufus Sewell (Middlemarch), Caterina Murino (Casino Royale), and Stanley Townsend (Sherlock).

Video Q&A: Sewell and Stoppard
Zen stars Rufus Sewell and Ed Stoppard on the cool and complex character of Zen, life on the laid-back set and the chic style of the series.

Behind-the-Scenes Video
On set in Italy, the Zen cast and crew on adapting Michael Dibdin's novels, the casting and chemistry.

Recipes from Lidia Bastianich
The celebrated television chef offers three delectable Italian dishes inspired by Zen.

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