Less than a half hour to the Opening Ceremonies! Last night, the Paralympic torch was created from four flames ignited on the highest peaks of England, Scotland,Wales and Northern Ireland.  Joined together in Stoke Mandeville, where the Games originated in 1948, over the last twenty-four hours, 116 teams of 5 people have run, rolled, and carried the flame the 92 miles to and through London.

Today, the MEDAL QUEST team got together for our last-minute prep, making sure the edit room was ready, checking thecamera gear, getting our credentials validated.  But we took time off to watch the torch being carried through London.

Where we were, near the iconic St. Paul’s Cathedral, the bearer was Jon Snow, a well-known British commentator from the U.K.’s Channel 4, who will be hosting their live Paralympic coverage.

  John Snow carrying torch past St. Paul's Cathedral in London.

After the flame passed to the next team, volunteers offered the extinguished torches to children to hold for a moment each – a fabulous memory!

  Young girl holds extinguished torch.

More soon.  The Opening Ceremonies are beginning soon and promise a fabulous spectacle.  I’ll switch over to Twitter and Facebook now, will send another blog afterwards .  I just need -- like everyone else in the stadium, the city, and, it seems, the whole country – to soak this fabulous moment in.

Judith Vecchione, Executive Producer


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