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Web Site Production Credits
The Misunderstood Minds Web site is a production of WGBH Interactive for PBS Online.

Executive Producer
Ted Sicker

Arthur R. Smith

Editorial Content
Steven Bedard
Melanie MacFarlane

Sonya Mead
Li Wei

Kit Buckley

Research Assistant
Jessica K. Cavano

Production Coordination
Liz Carver

Production Content Review
Meredith Nierman

Academic Advisors
Ellen Boiselle, M.A., Children's Hospital Boston
Maria Marolda, M.A., Children's Hospital Boston
Dr. Lynn Meltzer, Institute for Learning and Development and Research ILD
Dr. Michael Rivkin, M.D., Children's Hospital Boston
Joan Steinberg, M. Ed., Institute for Learning and Development and Research ILD
Dr. David Urion, M.D., Children's Hospital Boston

Documentary Credits
The Misunderstood Minds documentary is a co-production of WGBH Boston and Kirk Documentary Group.

Producer and Director
Mike Kirk

Marina Kalb

Executive Producers
Michele Korf
Brigid Sullivan

Developing Minds Video Library Credits
The Developing Minds video library is produced by the Educational Programming and Outreach department, Special Telecommunications Services division of the WGBH Educational Foundation.

Executive Producer
Michele Korf

Project Director
Laurie Everett

Curriculum Director
Denise Blumenthal

Philip Gay
Denny Houghton

Series Editor
Glenda Manzl

Associate Producer
Laura Azevedo

For WGBH Interactive

Ron LaRussa

Business Manager
Walter Gadecki

For WGBH Educational Programming and Outreach

Director of Educational Print and Outreach
Karen Barss

Manager of Educational Print
Sonja Latimore

Project Director
Pamela R. Giller

Associate Editor
Gay Mohrbacher

Business Manager
Joseph Karaman

Photo Credits
The children depicted in the following images are models, and used for illustrative purposes only.

Boy doing addition and subtraction on chalkboard, Home Page motif
© EyeWire Collection

Empty classroom, Introduction motif
© Ryan McVay/ PhotoDisc

Girl with elbows on desk, Attention motif
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Girl reading at table, Reading motif
© Stockbyte/ PictureQuest

Boy writing on chalkboard, Mathematics motif
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Child writing alphabet in book, Writing motif
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Empty library, Resources motif
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