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An American MYSTERY! Special
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 How did this Web site get made? It's no mystery. The Skinwalkers Web site was developed by WGBH Interactive for PBS Online.
Web site
Caitlin O'Neil, Producer
Kim Ducharme, Senior Designer
Tyler Howe, Senior Designer
Molly Frey, Senior Developer
Carla Waggett, Senior Developer
Howard Cutler, Executive Producer
Anna Clark, Research Assistant
Jay Harlow, Designer
Julie Wolf, Editorial Manager

Thanks to:
Steiger Bros Productions
Kathy Eckles Hooker
Helen Lau Running
Natalie Noel
Gary Louis
Peter Iverson, Regents Professor of History, Arizona State University
University of New Mexico Press
Louise Weber

For the Mystery! Production Unit
Rebecca Eaton, Executive Producer
Steven Ashley, Senior Producer
Deborah Gibbs, Business Manager
Erin Delaney, Post Production Director
Ann M. Houlihan, Assistant Director/Editor
Jennifer Frankel, Production Assistant
Jami Rogers, Office Coordinator

For WGBH Interactive
Ron LaRussa, Director
Ray Joyce, Associate Director
Julia Whitney, Design Director
Jon Alper, Director of Technology, Research & Development
Peter Pinch, Director of Technology, Content
John Fremer, Systems Manager
Walter Gadecki, Business Manager
Jim Barton, Unit Manager
Lynn Clark, Scheduling Manager
Maggie Cahill-Morasco, Confidential Secretary

For WGBH Educational Foundation
Brigid Sullivan, VP, Special Telecommunications Services and Children's Programming
Mimi Curran, Director of Budget Development
Susan Shishko, Legal Counsel
Elaine Coolbrith, Paralegal
Anna Lowi, Senior Publicist
Ellen Dockser, Publicist
Leslie Sepuka, Promotion Coordinator
Amy Guertin, Station Relations

The WGBH Educational Foundation is the single largest producer of Web sites on PBS Online. WGBH Interactive creates Web sites, CD-ROMs and other multimedia projects that enhance the Foundation's broadcast and non-broadcast programs. For more information visit WGBH/Boston Online

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