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An American MYSTERY! Special
Skinwalkers Coyote Waits A Thief of Time Navajoland Discussion
The Navajo: Yesterday and TodayHillerman on the SouthwestAbout HillermanResources
Navajo: Yesterday and Today

 The backdrop for Skinwalkers is the Navajo reservation in the Southwestern United States. The following essays explore the Navajo's rich history as well as their lives on the reservation today.
The Navajo's Ancient Roots
A brief overview of their history

Life on the Reservation
What the Navajo Nation looks like today.

Tradition Today: Time Among the Navajo
Many Navajo maintain traditional life styles even as the reservation around them adapts to the modern world.

Traditional Healing
Navajo practices emphasize harmony and wholeness of spirit.

Modern Medicine
A physician practicing western medicine on the reservation encounters fear, hope, and understanding on her daily rounds.

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