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 MYSTERY! Newsletter Summer 2004
Mystery is in the morning, and mystery in the night, and the beauty of mystery is everywhere;
but still the plain truth remains, that mouth and purse must be filled.

     -- Herman Melville, The Confidence-Man (1857)

In this issue:


Forget lemonade. A tall glass of MYSTERY! has the chilling effect you're seeking.

Inspector Morse (encore)
August 22 - Masonic Mysteries (120)
August 29 - Infernal Serpent (120)

The Inspector Lynley Mysteries, Series 3
September 5 - Playing for the Ashes (90 minutes)
September 12 - In the Presence of the Enemy (90 minutes)
September 19 - A Suitable Vengeance (90 minutes)
September 26 - Deception on His Mind (90 minutes)

Death in Holy Orders
October 3 - Part 1 (90 minutes)
October 10 - Part 2 (90 minutes)

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The Truth Behind Foyle's War

Historical events inspired Foyle's War, Series Two, airing July 18 - August 8, 2004, at 9PM. Here are the true stories behind two upcoming episodes.

"Fifty Ships" explores America's crucial co-operation with Britain and the beginning of Lend-Lease. Throughout the spring and early summer of 1940, Germany had marched through Europe. Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and France had fallen. The German Luftwaffe and Navy was stepping up their attacks on Britain. Knowing the Royal Navy was not equal to the challenge, Winston Churchill turned to the United States for aid. After months of heated negotiations, the U.S. government agreed to give Britain 50 ships in return for the right to lease land in various parts of the British Empire so that the US could build military bases. The agreement was officially completed with Britain on September 3, 1940. Although these ancient ships were of little intrinsic value, they symbolized America's support of Britain and other allied countries in their battle against the Nazis. Congress officially passed the Lend-Lease Act in 1941. America ultimately provided $50 billion dollars in Lend-Lease during the war to many countries including the USSR, France and China. Even after the deal was done, debate raged both sides of the Atlantic over whether or not America should come to Allied aid in this way. America was persuaded that it was in their own best interest -- as well as those of democracy. Without this crucial American aid, it is unlikely that the Allies would have won the war.

Set in October 1940, "The Funk Hole" explores hotels that catered to long-term guests hiding out from the war. In the First World War, the term 'funk hole' was used to denote a 'safe' bunker within the trenches where a man could hole up if he was afraid. In the Second World War, however, the term also came to refer to the practice of rich citizens moving to hotels in safer areas of Britain for the duration of the war. Although the government encouraged everyone to leave the cities if they could, within a few weeks criticism was being voiced against rich refugees. As late as September 1940, The Times still listed sanctuary hotels. In its editorial comments, however, the paper was much more scathing. In January 1941 it complained, "The hotels are filled with well-to-do refugees who too often have fled from nothing. They sit and read and knit and eat and drink and get no nearer the war than the news they read in the papers."

Make Way for Marple

Geraldine McEwan (Gosford Park, The Magdalene Sisters) stars as Christie's famous spinster sleuth in Miss Marple, one of three brand-new series scheduled for MYSTERY! in the 2005-06 season. The others are Malice Aforethought, a black comedy, and Jericho, an original detective story set in the 1950s.

The first of the Miss Marple films, The Body in the Library, recently completed production in England. Three more will follow: A Murder is Announced, Murder at the Vicarage, and The 4:50 from Paddington. The two-parter Malice Aforethought centers on a popular country doctor whose ill-conceived decision to murder his "difficult" wife sets his life spinning out of control. In Jericho, Robert Lindsay (Oliver Twist, Hornblower) stars as the renegade Detective Inspector Michael Jericho, one of Scotland Yard's most revered officers. The four episodes reflect the turbulent period of social upheaval during the late 1950s through the eyes of DI Jericho.

Stay tuned for more information as the season continues!

Mysterious People

The feature film Cowboys and Indians: The Killing of J.J. Harper, starring Adam Beach (A Thief of Time), was chosen for the 2004 Heard Museum Film Festival in Phoenix, Arizona. The film chronicles the murder of Manitoba native leader J.J. Harper, who dedicated his life to defending native rights, was shot by a Winnipeg policeman. Beach also can be seen starring in the indie film Now and Forever with Mia Kirshner, and Theresa Russell.

In movie theaters this summer, Clive Owen (Second Sight) can be seen playing the title role in King Arthur. A host of Masterpiece Theatre alumni fill out the round table, with Hugh Dancy (Daniel Deronda) as Galahad, Stephen Dillane (Anna Karenina) as Merlin, Ioan Gruffudd (The Forsyte Saga) as Lancelot, and Keira Knightley (Dr. Zhivago) as Guinevere. Look for him later this year alongside Jude Law, Natalie Portman and Julia Roberts in Mike Nichols Closer, based on Patrick Marber's play.

Also, Oscar winner Keith Carradine (Coyote Waits) has joined the cast of the ABC comedy pilot "Savages" as Tom, a fireman and father of five teenage boys.

Peter Fonda (A Thief of Time) stars in The Heart Is Deceitful ... Above All Things. Asia Argento wrote, directed, and starred in this independent film, with Winona Ryder, Peter Fonda and Marilyn Manson.

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