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An American MYSTERY! Special
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  Bistie's Campsite
Four miles east of Superior on U.S. 60, Oak Flats Campground is the backdrop for Roosevelt Bistie's campsite. In the 1870s, the US cavalry cornered several Apaches on nearby Apache Leap Mountain. Legend says their blood stained the rocks red while their wives' tears turned to obsidian at its base.

Panoramic image of Bistie's Campsite

   1. From left to right, director of photography Roy Wagner, first assistant director Chad Rosen, director Chris Eyre, and actor Adam Beach discuss the blocking for Jim Chee's discovery at Roosevelt Bistie's campsite.
   2. The crew sets up lights and camera around the campsite, while director Chris Eye, right, prepares to watch the action on a monitor.
   3. A boom microphone floats above the location, a deserted road outside Superior, Arizona, where most of the filming took place. Superior has also been the backdrop for the movies Eight Legged Freaks (2002), The Gauntlet (1977), How the West Was Won (1962), The Prophecy (1995), and U-Turn (1997).
   4. Sound, lighting, and cameras are readied while actor Adam Beach takes position so that filming can begin.
   5. With a crack of "the sticks," a digital board indicating the scene number and take that will later help the film's editor synchronize picture and sound, the set is clear and the camera captures Jim Chee's campsite discovery.
   6. A cardboard box holds a bag of "blood," one of the clues Jim Chee will soon discover.
   7. The camera zooms in for a close-up of the bloody bag.
   8. A close-up of the mysterious bloody bag as seen in the film.
   9. The grisly prosthetic hand awaits its close-up in a cardboard box.
   10. Wondering what's for lunch, Jim Chee takes up the ladle to Roosevelt Bistie's stew.
   11.To his horror, Jim Chee pulls Roosevelt Bistie's hand out of the stew.
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