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An American MYSTERY! Special
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Skinwalkers Country Tour

  Bistie's Ruins
Further up the trail in the Oak Flats Campground from Roosevelt Bistie's campsite are the ruins he was excavating. The first residents of the Southwest were the Anasazi, who left behind a wealth of information for archeologists such as Bistie, including pottery, cave paintings and remarkable cliff dwellings.

Panormaic image of Bistie's Ruins

   1. Director Chris Eyre and producer Craig McNeil discuss the upcoming scene with script supervisor Karen Mattingly, who watches over the continuity of wardrobe, art, makeup, dialogue and camera angles from scene to scene, as well as takes notes so that the film's editors can locate shots quickly.
   2. Although it's sunny, the light is uneven and these lights will help the overall picture look more uniform.
   3. Director of photography Roy Wagner and the assistant directors gather on the top of a mesa, overlooking the spot where Joe Leaphorn will fall and discover Roosevelt Bistie. The director of photography works closely with the director to properly light the set and properly photograph the scene.
   4. The camera reaches a precarious position on the edge of the cliff, as the gaffer (right), who is in charge of lighting the scene, checks his work.
   5. Actor Wes Studi soon takes the crew's place on the mesa.
   6. Actor Wes Studi and the crew walk through the next scene, in which Leaphorn will fall from the ladder.
   7. While the crew keeps busy nearby, actor Wes Studi appears to be laying down on the job. In fact, he is in position for his landing and gruesome discovery. A blue pad cushions his "fall."
   8. In the movie, Wes Studi's protective pad is now invisible.
   9. Down this road is Roosevelt Bistie's campsite, where Jim Chee is making a grim discovery of his own.
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