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 Jim Chee's Trailer
Elsewhere in the Oak Flats Campground is the deserted spot where Jim Chee's trailer sat during filming. Old mining equipment can be seen on the top of the ridge in the background. Filming took place here last March during rattlesnake season.

Panoramic image of Jim Chee's Trailer site

   1. Prop master Jeffrey Bellamy, who works with prop technicians and the production designer to make sure all appropriate props are in place for a scene, created the Navajo Tribal Police cars using decals.
   2. The mud-and-log hogan is the traditional, eight-sided Navajo dwelling. Today, federally subsidized housing and mobile homes, like Jim Chee's, are proliferating as the Navajo population grows.
   3. When Tony Hillerman needed a way to awaken Jim Chee to a mysterious killer lurking outside, he invented a cat that would dart into the trailer and awakens Chee just in time.
   4. The Navajo traditionally don't live in towns but scattered camps. Thus, it's not unusual for Jim Chee to live alone out in the countryside.
   5. "Splits" are days of shooting that begin in the afternoon and continue through the night. Here Studi and Beach shoot a night scene outside Chee's trailer after the shooting.
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