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 4. Dinetah Paints
Located southeast of Phoenix between Apache Junction and Globe along US 60, Superior has maintained its western charm. Its history lies in the surrounding rugged hills, once rich with silver and copper. The old smelter and mining village served as the setting for the Dinetah Paint Factory.

Panoramic image of Dinetah Paints

   1. The Dinetah Paint Factor is actually an old copper mining plant in Superior, Arizona where the film was shot.
   2. Notice that the words "Dinetah Paints" now appear on the smokestack, a digital addition.
   3. In a scene from the film, Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee arrive at the abandoned paint factory, following up on reports of gang activity.
   4. The old copper mine doubled as Obsidian Springs, the poisoned housing project. The crew positions the lights, camera around the location of Roman George's body.
   5. Director Chris Eyre, actor Gerald Vandevere, and producer Craig McNeil discuss the upcoming shot.
   6. Director of Photography Roy Wagner sets up the shot. The Director of Photography works closely with the director to properly light the set and properly photograph the scene.
   7. While the camera captures only actors Wes Studi and Adam Beach, dozens of people are at work behind the scenes.
   8. Harrison Lowe, who plays Roman George, makes his way to the set made-up as a corpse.
   9. Actor Harrison Lowe takes his place on the pavement as the camera zooms in to capture the damage.
   10. A sheet covers Roman George in this scene, where Joe Leaphorn, Jim Chee, and Captain Butler discuss the strange logistics of his murder.
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