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A Murder is Announced
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Production Notes [imagemap with 8 links]

Production Notes

Named one of Agatha Christie's twelve "*essential books," A Murder is Announced was first published in 1950.

The book was adapted for the stage by Leslie Darbon and opened in London at the Vaudeville Theatre in September of 1977. Veteran actress Dulcie Gray played the Miss Marple character.

There have been two previous film versions of A Murder is Announced -- the first, the first Marple mystery to be adapted for television, was presented live on NBC's Goodyear Playhouse on December 30, 1956. Gracie Fields starred as Jane Marple and Jessica Tandy played Letitia Blacklock.

In 1986 Joan Hickson played the Marple role in a BBC version seen on MYSTERY!'s Season 7.


Literary historians cite A Murder is Announced as one of the first popular titles that features lesbian characters. In the original novel, the lesbian relationship is implied. In MYSTERY!'s 1987 version, there is a pair of female characters who live together, are devoted to each other, and assert their distaste for men.

The composer for music heard in A Murder is Announced was Dominik Scherrer.

Other pieces featured in the film include:

Pathe News Fanfare

Guilty by Whiting/Kahn, performed by Al Bowlly/Roy Fox and Bank

Happy Birthday by Patty Smith Hill/Mildred J. Hill, performed by cast

April 11, 2005

The new Miss Marple has been lauded as an international success.

Four more episodes of the series starring Geraldine McEwan (The Magdalene Sisters, Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit) about to start filming in the UK, and the first four episodes are already scheduled to be seen in territories throughout the world including Russia and Japan.

International broadcasters that will air the series include Asia Television (Hong Kong), ABC (Australia), CBC (Canada), DBS (Israel), Duna TV (Hungary), HRT (Croatia), IBC (Iceland), Intervision (Japan), RAI Italia (Italy), NBC (Norway), Prime (New Zealand), RTP (Portugal) and TV Center (Russia).

The rights for DVD and Video have also been snapped up by Oriental Beauty in China and Memphis Belle for the Belgian and Dutch markets.

Miss Marple is co-produced by Granada, Agatha Christie Ltd (A Chorion Company) and WGBH Boston.

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