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At Bertram's Hotel

Story Synopsis

Plot Revealed Below!

When Miss Marple stays in London's fashionable Bertram's Hotel she enjoys the traditional décor, the impeccable service -- and the unmistakable atmosphere of danger lurking behind the highly polished veneer. Many of her fellow guests are gathered for the will reading of Sir Richard Blake, the multi millionaire who disappeared seven years previously. His daughter Elvira (Beecham) and her estranged mother, the famous adventurer Bess Sedgwick (Walker), are among them.

Tensions grow as jewel thieves, art dealers, soul singers and Nazi hunters are revealed to be among the guests. As the guests mingle in the hotel's opulent rooms, many questions are left unanswered. Why will Elvira and Bess go to such lengths for family friend Brigit (Nighy) and hotel doorman Mickey Gorman (Regan)? What do the bumbling Canon Pennyfather (Kay), German milliner Mutti (Heap) and the handsome enigma Malinowski (Stoppard) have in common?

Ably assisted by the hotel maid Jane (McCutcheon) and Inspector Bird (Mangan), Miss Marple realises the truth behind Bertram's Hotel is darker than even she could have imagined. Especially when two of the staff are murdered...


The original music heard in Miss Marple Series 3: At Bertram's Hotel was composed by Dominik Scherrer and Richard Hammarton. Additional music featured in this episode includes:

Anything Goes by Cole Porter
Chappell Music Ltd
Specially recorded

The Man I Love by George Gershwin
Warner/Chappell North America
Specially recorded

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