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drawing of a lizard
Mystery! Television Production

Senior Producer     Steven Ashley
Business Manager     Deborah Gibbs
Post Production Director     Erin Delaney
Production Assistant     Jennifer Frankel
Office Coordinator     Jami Rogers
Publicity     Ellen Dockser
Tom Stebbins
Johanna Baker
On-line Editors     Dan Watson
Mark Steele
Video Recordist     Dean Raymond
Teleprompter     Kathy Dennen
Video     Bill Fairweather
Audio     Steve Colby
Kevin C. Kalunian
Camera     Randy Gray
Skip Wareham
Gaffers     Wayne Simpson
Bob Tomkins
Switcher     Bill Francis
Stage Manager     Ron Milton
Hair Design     Joseph Grifoni
Make-Up Artist     Louise Daniels Miller
Props     Kris Holmes
Wardrobe     Liz Perlman
Scenery     Coburn Bennett
Clint Heitman
James A. Kaup
Graphic Designers     Chris Pullman
Alison Kennedy
Dennis O'Reilly
Benjamin W. Mayerson
Theme Music     Normand Roger
Lighting Designer     Chas Norton
Set Design     Edward Gorey
Writer     Kathy Waugh
Director     Vincent J. Straggas

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