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Dead Gorgeous
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Story Synopsis

Plot Revealed Below!

Set in London in 1946, Dead Gorgeous is the story of two women who hatch a plot to get rid of their husbands but things don't go according to plan...

Rose Bell is a put upon housewife, suffering under the bullying of her husband Barry, a decorated former RAF pilot. Rose so hates his mistreatment of her and his penny-pinching ways that all she can do is window-shop and dream about another life through her battered old copies of Vogue. Then she meets a friend with whom she served during the war, Antonia. Antonia is glamorous, wealthy and in a passionate affair with a handsome lecturer called Vic, who to Antonia's horror is about to fly off to America and may well leave her. Rose and Antonia quickly hit it off and it becomes very obvious that they are both in unhappy marriages. Antonia is in fact married to a very wealthy industrialist called Hector, who refuses to give her a divorce.

Rose discovers that Barry has been having an affair, fathered an illegitimate child and now plans to cash in a hefty life assurance policy. At her wit's end, Rose calls Antonia and they get together to plot Barry's death before he can cash in the policy. Rose tells her about Barry's work routine, which may provide them with the opportunity to kill him. Before Rose has had any time to really think about it, Antonia has pushed Barry under the tube train and killed him. Once the post mortem and funeral have been conducted, Antonia calls Rose to tell her that she now has to return the favor. Having met Hector and liked him very much, Rose is horrified at the thought of killing such a nice man. But Antonia insists that the deed be done and soon.

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