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Foyle's War

They Fought in the Fields Cast and Credits

Cast | Production Credits | Web Credits


Det Chief Supt Christopher Foyle

Michael Kitchen
Samantha Stewart

Honeysuckle Weeks
Sergeant Paul Milner

Anthony Howell

Paula Jennings
Hugh Jackson

Nigel Terry

Jenny Platt

Stella Gonet

Trevor Cooper
Tom Jackson

Joe Armstrong
Major Cornwall

James Wilby

Tom Frederic

Peter Stark

Jack Gustav

Anatole Taubman
Home Guard Captain

Michael Cronin
Ellen McGee

June Barrie

Marian McLoughlin
Andrew Neame

Philip Martin Brown

Production Credits

Creator and WriterAnthony Horowitz

Executive ProducerJill Green

ProducerKeith Thompson

DirectorsJeremy Silberston
Gavin Millar

WriterRob Heyland

Director of PhotographyPeter Middleton BSC

Production DesignerMartyn John

ComposerJim Parker

Script EditorRachel Snell

Line ProducerIan Scaife

Make up DesignerSarah Grundy

Costume DesignerMaria Price

Casting DirectorJoyce Nettles

EditorsIan Farr
Angus Newton

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Foyle's War, Series III Web credits

Senior Producer
Louise Weber

Senior Designer
Tyler Howe

Senior Developer
Molly Frey

Production assistance
Jennifer Rodriguez

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