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Foyle's War Series IV -- Sundays June 17 - July 8, 2007
Who is Christopher Foyle
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Invasion: June 17, 2007
Bad Blood: June 24, 2007
Previous Foyle's War series [imagemap with 3 links]
Bleak Midwinter: July 1, 2007
Casualties of War: July 8, 2007

Foyle's War, Series IV      TV PG
Airing Sundays, June 17 through July 8, 2007 on PBS
(Check local listings; dates and times may vary)

Foyle's War returns to Mystery! with the admirable
Michael Kitchen in his usual top form...
-- The Wall Street Journal

Mystery! presents four new episodes of one of its most acclaimed detective series. Set along the South Coast of England in the 1940s, Foyle's War stars Michael Kitchen (Reckless, Oliver Twist) as the no-nonsense Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle, the straightforward sleuth who fights his own battles on the homefront while war rages across Europe.

Series IV finds Foyle and his team tackling a brutal death on an American Army base, uncovering secret government research after a biological warfare experiment goes awry, investigating the murder of Sgt. Milner's estranged wife, and probing the clandestine world of weapons development.

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