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Foyle's War

Series II: Episode Descriptions

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Fifty Ships

September 1940: A bomb decimates Sam's boarding house and Foyle investigates the looting of some valuable items belonging to Sam's battle-axe landlady, Mrs Harrison. When he uncovers a system of organised looting around Hastings, the signs all point to a gang of pilfering Auxiliary Fire Service volunteers. One night, while Foyle is dining with his one-time love Elizabeth, a local man, Richard Hunter, the father of one of the suspected looters, dies on the beach from a single gunshot to the head. Many think his death is suicide -- he was, after all, a hopeless, bitter alcoholic. But Foyle isn't so sure. The deeper he digs, the more intriguing the clues become. Could there be a link between the miserably failed Englishman, Richard Hunter, and the eminently wealthy and successful American industrialist, Howard Paige, who has arrived to give a talk about an American group's policies to aid Britain's war effort? The answers seem to lie buried deep in the past, in a supposedly more innocent age, amidst Oxford's dreaming spires. They involve a close friendship, a terrible betrayal and a strange cone-shaped piece of metal. In his attempt to bring a surprising murderer to justice, Foyle enters increasingly murky waters and must rely on the integrity of a German spy. Ultimately, high-powered political forces over which Foyle has no control wade in when this small town murder investigation puts at risk the vital donation of American aid and the crucial start of Lend-Lease in the war.

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Among the Few

September 1940: When Foyle and Sam are shot at and almost run over by a speeding vehicle, they inadvertently uncover an illicit fuel racket. In an attempt to track down the culprits, Sam eagerly goes undercover at the local fuel depot run by Michael Bennett, using her mechanical training to pose as a newly recruited tanker driver. Making friends with another female driver, Connie, Sam is introduced to a whirl of dances, make-up and men. Sam is surprised when she discovers that one of the young men in Connie's little group is Foyle's son, Andrew. Alongside his best friend Rex, Andrew is now an active pilot and does regular scrambles over to Germany.

Soon Sam thinks she's discovered the source of the petroleum thievery: Connie. But before anything can be done, Connie is discovered -- dead. As Foyle sets out to uncover the reasons for her demise, he must untangle not only a complex crime network of racketeering and illicit fuel trading, but also an intricate interpersonal network of sexual indiscretion, illegitimate pregnancy and homosexuality. There are even some suggestions that Andrew himself may be involved in Connie's murder. Of course, Foyle trusts that his son is innocent -- but how can he help him if Andrew refuses to tell the truth?

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War Games

October 1940: When Foyle arrives at the ransacked country home of a wealthy industrialist, Sir Reginald Baker, at first it appears that this is just another case of domestic burglary -- though Foyle is not so sure. Then, Harry Markham, a member of the Home Guard, is shot and killed during a large-scale exercise on the Sussex Downs, where Foyle is acting as police referee. Is it simply a tragic accident?

Once again, Foyle is not convinced -- particularly after discovering that his old barrister friend Stephen Beck, a German socialist and naturalized Briton, had met with the murdered man only days before his death. To make matters even more disconcerting Foyle also encounters his old police sergeant, Jack Devlin, now an officer in the army -- it's immediately clear that the two of them share a troubled history. Employing whatever means he has at his disposal to gather information -- even enlisting the aid of local children who are collecting salvage -- Foyle moves from the small-scale sordid world of burglary and petty criminals into the much larger, and dirtier, world of international finance. As he learns that many big corporations continue to trade with the Nazis, Foyle realizes, to his disgust, that money talks a universal language -- even during the war.

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The Funk Hole

October 1940: In their efforts to find young Mathew Farley, who has disappeared, Milner and Sam interview a number of 'guests' from London, quietly sitting out the war up at Brookfield Court. They're an unpleasant bunch playing tennis and indulging themselves -- seemingly oblivious to the massive war effort going on around them. Milner's convinced that there's something dubious happening at the house but he can't prove anything. Then, just when Mathew Farley's body is uncovered in the nearby woods, Foyle is suddenly taken off the case and placed under house arrest, accused of sedition and spreading disaffection.

Detective Chief Inspector Collier arrives from London to investigate the charges. Milner soon realizes that he may have to risk his own police career if he is to remain loyal to Foyle. Sam also faces divided loyalties when she embarks on a secret romance with Foyle's son, Andrew. Finally, when a town counselor, Frank Vaudrey, is murdered in the summerhouse at Brookfield Court, Foyle must use all his mental resources to solve this new murder and to prove his own innocence. Surprisingly, the route leads him back to London -- where the discovery of a heartbreaking wartime tragedy provides Foyle with all the answers that he needs.

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