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Foyle's War

Series III: Episode Descriptions

Plot Revealed Below!

The French Drop

A mysterious body draws Foyle into the shady world of a top-secret spy organization, where he must use all his ingenuity to avoid becoming fatally ensnared.

English agent Facteur is killed when he steps on a mine after landing in the French countryside.

Foyle arrives at the Admiralty to see his brother-in-law Commander Howard, hoping he can get him a job heading up a new naval command center in Liverpool. Howard first tries to calm a bitter row between Major General Sir Giles Messinger of MI5 and Lieutenant James Wintringham, who is angry that Messinger has been spying on his competing institution, the Special Operations Executive.

Wintringham returns to the SOE headquarters and is desperate that news of Facteur's death does not reach Messinger and MI5.

In Hastings, Foyle and Milner, whose marriage is breaking up, arrest a shopkeeper who is dealing on the black market. There's an explosion next to his shop and police find the charred remains of a young man. Although it looks like suicide, Foyle has his doubts, especially as the man was carrying a gold watch inscribed with a date.

The watch is traced to William Messinger, son of Sir Giles, who refuses to accept his son's death could be anything other than suicide. But his wife Anne confides to Foyle that William seemed afraid. He was working with a young Pole called Jan Komorowski at Hill House.

Foyle and Sam head for Hill House. Sam's uncle Aubrey is the local vicar and tells them of strange happenings in the churchyard. Foyle goes to Hill House and learns that the SOE is a new Top Secret intelligence organization engaged in the art of dirty warfare. Hill House trains secret agents in murder and deception.

As Foyle interviews members of the SOE including shady ex-con Maccoby, Sam conducts her own investigations into the disturbances at her uncle's churchyard, tracking down a mysterious bald man and discovering a map of France hidden in a phone box.

But when Sam picks up Foyle from Hill House, the car spins out of control and they crash. What is the truth about these secret organizations and what really happened to William and Facteur? What Foyle discovers affects his future career.

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Enemy Fire

Sabotage, murder and adultery at a pioneering RAF burns hospital bring Foyle face to face with the devastating physical and emotional consequences of war.

Dashing surgeon Patrick Jamieson takes over Digby Manor to house his medical unit treating burned airmen, but not everyone is happy with the situation. Sir Michael Waterford, a veteran of the last war and his housekeeper Mrs. Roecastle are forced to leave their home, and military doctor Group Captain Lawrence Smythe disapproves of Patrick's brilliant but unconventional methods.

Detective Chief Supt. Christopher Foyle marks the anniversary of his wife's death with a visit to her grave, but his son Andrew, a spitfire pilot, doesn't turn up. He is told to take weekend leave after a heated argument with Drake, a lazy member of the RAF ground crew. Andrew goes out with Sam on a date but his mood does not improve.

Jamieson's protégé Dr. Wrenn tells Foyle that someone is trying to sabotage their work at Digby Manor. He accuses Sir Michael, who also seems to have some difficult history with Drake. Meanwhile Smythe is getting increasingly incensed by Jamieson's unconventional attitude and threatens to close the unit. But as he leaves, a huge statue falls from the roof nearly crushing him.

Andrew is restless, especially when young airman Greville Woods is sent on a risky night flying mission instead of him. Then Greville crash lands Andrew's spitfire and suffers serious burns.

When the patients of Digby Manor perform a revue, Dr Wrenn appears looking muddy and shaken. Later that night Drake is found murdered nearby. His battered wife Beryl pleads her innocence, as does Dr Wrenn, who recently discovered his wife Mary was having an affair with Drake.

As Foyle and Milner hunt for the murderer, a cache of drugs goes missing from the hospital. Then the case turns personal for Foyle when Andrew, who hated Drake, goes AWOL.

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They Fought in the Fields

A murdered farmer, a past love affair, a mysterious girl and the crash landing of a German plane present an unsettling case for Foyle.

A German plane crashes in the Hastings countryside. Foyle and Milner capture two airmen, Sabartovski and Schimmel, and they are handed over to the imperious Major Cornwall who works for the POW interrogation service.

Nearby on Hugh Jackson's farm a brand new tractor has been delivered to the delight of the land girls, Rose and Joan -- but rival farmer Curling is bitterly jealous. Jackson's son Tom and the girls are up to something but keep their activities secret from Barbara, a pole selector staying at the farm.

The next morning, Jackson is discovered shot dead in his armchair. Another German, Weiser, is found nearby, his parachute caught in a tree. His pistol is missing, but before Foyle and Milner have a chance to interview him, Cornwall takes him away.

Foyle discovers a bra in Jackson's bedroom. It is found to be Barbara's but everyone at the farm is a likely suspect. Foyle also learns that Tom's mother ran away with a farm hand, Andrew Neame, when he was a child. Keen to do her bit to help the war effort -- and perhaps find out some inside information -- Sam goes to work at the farm.

At the POW camp, Schimmel seems concerned that Weiser will soon be well enough to leave the sanatorium. A Luger pistol is found at the farm and Weiser tells Foyle that a woman matching Barbara's description took it while he was stuck in the tree.

Foyle questions Barbara in the woods while Milner finds a pig in a freshly dug grave. They also encounter a mysterious man whom Foyle guesses is Neame. Rose and Joan are arrested in connection with meat profiteering and Rose admits she is pregnant with Hugh Jackson's child. Meanwhile Schimmel and Sabartovski are caught trying to escape from the camp.

Neame denies running away with Mrs. Jackson -- but where is she? Can Sam find the answer at the farm? And can Foyle and Milner discover the truth about the German prisoners of war before it is too late?

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A War of Nerves

An unexploded bomb at a busy shipyard leads to a startling discovery in a complex story of greed and politics.

Sam is drinking in a local pub when Jack Archer, a Royal Engineer from the bomb disposal unit, drunkenly pulls out a gun. Assistant Commissioner Rose tells Foyle to keep an eye on dangerous communist agitator Raymond Carter, who has come to Hastings with his fiancée, painter Lucinda Sheridan.

Milner is working undercover in a fake builders yard set up by the police to try and catch the men behind an organized crime racket. A man called Ian Kimble furtively offers Milner petrol and hardware.

Sergeant Rivers asks Sam to put in a good word for Jack Archer with the magistrate because he's engaged to his daughter Gwen. Meanwhile Jack and his colleagues Ernest Jones and Captain Hammond diffuse a bomb in a school playground.

When Milner tries to arrest Kimble he is shot in the arm. Foyle goes to the docks and shipyard bosses Mark and Peter Talbot tell him Kimble works in the stockroom. But when Foyle goes to Kimble's home address, he finds it doesn't exist.

Carter attacks Foyle for snooping on him but Lucinda explains how passionately Carter cares for the workers and how deeply committed he is to the People's Convention.

Back at the shipyard there's a bombing raid. A bomb falls into a building but doesn't explode. Archer, Hammond and Jones are called in -- and discover thousands of pounds scattered over the floor. They take the bomb from the shipyard and go to the pub with their newfound cash, but when Ernest leaves, he is abducted.

Rose tells Foyle to investigate Carter's relationship with the Turner brothers' shop steward, Derek Woodgate. Foyle finds incriminating photographs of the shipyard in Carter's hotel room -- but then discovers from Woodgate that only 200 men work at the yard, while the Talbot brothers have been receiving wages for 400.

When Ernest Jones' murdered body is found, Hammond blames the Turners and goes to offer them a deal. Will the detectives find the cash and the bomb before it's too late? And can Foyle discover the truth about Carter and the shipyard?

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