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Foyle's War

Series IV: Episode Descriptions

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When a young woman is found murdered on an American Army base after a secret affair with a young American soldier, Foyle receives a warning from the War Office to tread carefully. But his determination to find the truth about the girl's death forces him to disobey government orders: Did the American kill the unfaithful barmaid, or has he been framed?

April 1942. The first American GIs arrive near Hastings -- their orders are to build an aerodrome and camp on farmland that has been requisitioned for the task. Landowner David Barrett is hostile towards Captain John Kieffer of the 215th Engineers, Kieffer's men are busy checking out the local girls.

Milner goes for a drink at the Wheatsheaf pub with Will Grayson, who saved his life at Trondheim and is back in Hastings on leave. Will returns home much later, drunk, and when fire breaks out in his house, he dies in his locked bedroom. Milner is upset by the tragedy and decides to investigate.

Kieffer asks Foyle to appease Barrett and Foyle is caught between the need to make the Americans welcome and calming local fears about this seeming invasion by the Yanks. Kieffer also asks him to give a talk to his men in return for trying his tournament quality fishing rod. Meanwhile GI Joe Farnetti asks Sam for a date.

Barmaid Susan Davies has a secret affair with young American soldier James Taylor, even though she's engaged to Barrett's nephew. Her boss, Alan Carter, is very anxious about Will's death. He and Susan are running an illicit whisky distillery from the pub.

Sam is upset by a letter from Andrew Foyle and decides to go with Joe to a dance at the American base. A distraught Taylor tells his moody sergeant O'Connor that Susan is pregnant.

On the night of the dance, Barrett's nephew Ben returns home. In the midst of the crowded hall, Taylor is taken ill, then Susan is found strangled, with Taylor's identity tags in her clenched fist.

The GIs close ranks and, with Anglo-American relations stretched to breaking point, Foyle is told by the War Office to tread carefully. But his determination to find the truth about Susan's death forces him to disobey government orders. Did Taylor kill the unfaithful barmaid or was he been framed? As Foyle investigates, Milner also discovers what happened to his friend Will.

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Bad Blood

An experiment in biological warfare goes awry, leaving a local woman dead and Sam hospitalized, her body covered in black sores. With Sam's life in jeopardy, Foyle's search for answers takes him into the most secretive areas of the war: research even Churchill doesn't know about.

It's August 1942. A mysterious bomb is dropped in deserted, barren land and smoke envelopes a cage of sheep. Later, a dead sheep falls out of a van into a country lane.

GI Joe Farnetti shocks Sam by proposing to her, while Milner is also surprised by a plea for help from his one-time love Edith Ashford. Edith's brother Martin, a Quaker and conscientious objector, has been accused of murdering war hero Tom Jenkins. Jenkins served with the Royal Navy and saved his men when a convoy of ships was attacked by Germans. He was honored by the King. The case is outside Foyle's jurisdiction but he agrees to visit DCS Fielding, a former army colleague.

Vet Ted Cartwright, whose son Leonard was also on the besieged ship, is called out to Foxhall Farm, where Brian Jones' cows have come down with a mysterious illness.

Fielding reluctantly lets Foyle look into his murder case. Tom Jenkins and Martin Ashford argued violently and arranged to meet on the beach to settle their differences. Jenkins was killed and his blood was found on Ashford's clothing, with a knife in woodland nearby. Ashford claims he is innocent but won't talk to the police. The evidence is mounting against him but Foyle realizes he's not being told everything.

Meanwhile, the sick cows disappear from Foxhall Farm -- where Ashford works. Jones seems more upset about their theft than either Ashford's arrest or the death of Jenkins -- his son in law. Fielding gives Foyle the murder weapon -- a trocar, a medical tool frequently used by vets. It belongs to Ted Cartwright.

Sam and Jenkins' widow Elsie are both ill with flu. The police receive an anonymous letter claiming the killer was a tall man with white hair. Edith eventually admits that her brother was having an affair with Elsie, and Jenkins was a violent man. But Elsie died that morning. Her final delirious words were about a dead sheep.

Ashford tells Foyle he feared Elsie would be charged with her husband's death unless he took the blame. Meanwhile Sam goes to the hospital, her body covered in black sores. Police stop another Quaker, Henry Styles, from leaving Hastings and he tells them the disease is anthrax, caused by a biological warfare experiment gone wrong.

As he's on the verge of cracking the murder case, Foyle must venture into the most secretive aspects of the war to find the answers that could save Sam.

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Bleak Midwinter

A young woman is found dead at a munitions factory, and Foyle suspects her death is an industrial accident. But when another woman -- Sergeant Milner's estranged wife, Jane -- is brutally murdered in town, he begins to suspect that the two deaths are linked. When Milner emerges as the prime suspect, Foyle and Sam must step up the investigation to prove his innocence.

December, 1942.

When Grace Phillips dies in what appears to be an accident at a local munitions works, Foyle is asked by one of her co-workers, who is deeply disturbed by the event, to look into her death. Grace had always been such a cheerful girl but recently something had been bothering her and a few days before she died she had mentioned being worried about stealing.

Entering the world of munitions work, where nearly fifty percent of workers are women, Foyle initially believes Grace's death is purely an industrial accident -- a tragedy but not a murder.

However, when another woman is found brutally murdered in the town, Foyle establishes a link between the two women and starts to believe the deaths are connected. To make matters even more difficult for Foyle, the second victim is Milner's estranged wife, Jane, who had walked out on Milner more than two years earlier. Jane seems to have returned to Hastings with the hope of being reunited with her husband, not knowing that he is now romantically involved with another woman.

Milner finds himself center stage in Foyle's investigation -- Milner wanted Jane out of his life and he can neither produce an alibi for the time of her death nor explain how his wife's blood has ended up on his clothes.

With everything pointing to Milner's guilt, Foyle and Sam have to work overtime to find out how Jane and Grace are connected, to catch their killer and to prove Milner's innocence.

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Casualties of War

Searching for his missing goddaughter, taking care of her son, and a series of cases are enough to keep Foyle busy. To add to the pressure, his boss wants him to work on stamping out illegal gaming along the South Coast. But when a local gambler is found murdered near a military research center sabotage and gambling join forces, and Foyle must enter the top-secret arena of weapons research in pursuit of the truth.

March, 1943. Foyle's life is turned upside down when his goddaughter and her seven-year-old son, James, turn up on his doorstep needing somewhere to stay. They have nowhere else to go. James has been severely traumatized by a bombing at his London school where most of his classmates and teachers were killed; he hasn't spoken a word since. Soon after their arrival, Lydia disappears. Ably assisted by Sam, Foyle has to care for James until he can find Lydia and bring her safely home.

To add to the pressure, a series of sabotage cases is keeping Foyle very busy; something that isn't pleasing his boss, Assistant Commissioner Parkins. Parkins would rather Foyle spend his time stamping out the increase in illegal gaming along the South Coast.

Sabotage and gambling come together when a local gambler is found murdered near a military research center. This military building is also the target of some internationally-funded saboteurs and Foyle enters the top secret arena of weapons research in his pursuit of the truth.

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