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Shockwave Activities

download Shockwave Shockwave for Director is a free plug-in (for Netscape Navigator users) and an ActiveX Control (for Microsoft Internet Explorer and AOL browser users) from Macromedia that allows you to experience interactive multimedia through your Web browser.

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher or the AOL 3.0 browser or higher, you will not need to install Shockwave for Director yourself. Instead, when you go to a Mystery! activity, the ActiveX Control will download automatically. If you have not changed the default security preferences, a window will appear asking you whether you trust downloads from Macromedia. If you click on yes, everything will be handled for you by your browser and you should be able to enjoy the activity as soon as the download is complete.

If you are using Netscape Navigator 2.02 or higher you will have to download and install the plug-in yourself. When you go to the Macromedia download site, you will be requested to type in your name and e-mail address. If you do not wish to receive electronic mail from Macromedia, be sure to uncheck "Send me information about Shockwave news and cool sites." Then click on the button labeled "Download Now." If your browser asks you where to save the downloaded file, be sure to remember where you save it. After you have downloaded the software, install it by double-clicking on the file. The installation software will guide you through the remaining steps. When you are ready to download Shockwave, go to the Macromedia Shockwave download site, but be sure to come back to Mystery! when you are done.

To find out more about Shockwave for Director, take a look at the Macromedia Shockwave site. Shockwave is available only on the Windows and Macintosh platforms, for Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 and higher and Netscape Navigator 2.02 and higher. If your computer does not have a floating-point unit, or a math coprocessor, you will not be able to hear audio.

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