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The Actors and Their Roles
Airing Sundays, June 3 + 10, 2007 on PBS
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...This noirish detective series... has a hipness to it that owes a lot to the era and almost everything else to (Robert) Lindsay's cool, measured performance....
-- San Francisco Chronicle

MYSTERY! launches its 27th season with two new episodes of the stylish whodunit starring Robert Lindsay. Chief Inspector Michael Jericho is one of Scotland Yard's finest officers, revered by his colleagues and the public. Set amidst the social upheaval of post-war 1950s London, Jericho is surveying a city changing before his eyes and he is ahead of his time in his fight for justice without prejudice.

Jericho is haunted by memories of his father whose murder he witnessed as a boy. It has left an indelible scar. And he has never married; while he was away at war, his childhood sweetheart fell in love with another man. He devotes his life to his work.

"Jericho is wounded and has locked himself away emotionally," says Lindsay of his character. "He seems cold, but has amazing compassion for people who are suffering. I like wounded people; they are interesting to play. All of us have secrets about ourselves that affect our day-to-day lives."

Jericho's police team includes his faithful friend and colleague Detective Sergeant Clive Harvey and the ambitious young Detective Constable John Caldicott, whose warm relationship with his fiancée is in stark contrast to the lonely nighttime vigils of Jericho.

Jericho, also starring David Troughton and Ciarán McMenamin, features two two-hour mysteries: To Murder and Create, airing June 3rd, and The Hollow Men, airing June 10th.

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The Actors and Their Roles



To Murder and Create

The Hollow Men

The Killing of Johnny Swan

A Pair of Ragged Claws

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