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Story Synopsis
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The Killing of Johnny Swan
Airing Sundays, May 14 + 21, 2006 on PBS
(Check local listings; dates and times may vary)

In Robert Lindsay's nuanced portrayal of Jericho we see a man surveying a city changing beyond recognition in front of his very eyes...
     -- Yorkshire Post

Robert Lindsay (Horatio Hornblower, Oliver Twist) stars as Chief Inspector Michael Jericho, a revered Scotland Yard detective in 1950s London...

Johnny Swan is a British athletics star and a national hero. Last year he defeated the Soviet champion, Vladimir Vukic, in the 5000m at White City, and since then his star has been ascending. Swan, along with three other runners -- Bridgewater, Kellett and Weaver -- form the nation's "Golden Boys." They live the high life and are the darlings of the press: especially Johnny -- everyone wants a piece of Johnny Swan.

Days before his rematch with Vukic, Johnny marries Lizzie Way, a showgirl at the Picador. After the ceremony the newlyweds are whisked away to their honeymoon at the Savoy.

But the next morning Johnny and Lizzie are found dead in their hotel room. Johnny's head has been caved in, leaving him unrecognizable and Lizzie has been strangled. But it soon becomes clear that the crime is not so straightforward... and an old adversary of Jericho's is involved.

Story Synopsis | Cast + Credits

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Story Synopsis

Cast + Credits

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