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Story Synopsis [imagemap with 5 links]

Story Synopsis

Plot Revealed Below!

Johnny Swan is a British athletics star and a national hero. Last year he defeated the Soviet champion, Vladimir Vukic, in the 5000m at White City, and since then his star has been ascending. Swan, along with three other runners -- Bridgewater, Kellett and Weaver -- form the nation's "Golden Boys." They live the high life and are the darlings of the press: especially Johnny -- everyone wants a piece of Johnny Swan.

Days before his rematch with Vukic, Johnny marries Lizzie Way, a showgirl at the Picador. After the ceremony the newlyweds are whisked away to their honeymoon at the Savoy.

But the next morning Johnny and Lizzie are found dead in their hotel room. Johnny's head has been caved in, leaving him unrecognizable and Lizzie has been strangled.

It is soon revealed that it is not the body of John Swan -- it's one of the other runners: Peter Bridgewater. Johnny claims that he'd had a row with Lizzie that night -- she was pregnant with his baby and he had accused her of trapping him into marriage. He left the hotel via a rear door and went home. Kellett, his housemate, confirms this. Johnny has no idea why Bridgewater was there.

An interview with one of the hotel guests confirms that there were two men roaming the corridors of the hotel that night -- she's convinced it was the KGB. Could it be the Soviets? Does it all have something to do with Johnny's rematch with Vukic? Johnny says he knows who these two men are -- he owes money to a man called Stephen Fleming -- an old adversary of Jericho's, who runs an illegal gambling house; Johnny believes these two men were Fleming's debt collectors who previously threatened his life.

Fleming is pulled in for questioning, but nothing can be held against him. What if the intended victim hadn't been Johnny -- what if it had been Bridgewater all along? A blonde woman with glasses was spotted at the hotel; she seemed very upset and was crying.

Gina, Lizzie's sister, admits to being in the hotel -- she had had a relationship with Bridgewater before he moved on to her sister. She had found out that the baby Lizzie was carrying was in fact Bridgewater's -- not Swan's -- and that Swan and Bridgewater had been sharing her. Gina says Bridgewater was evil; she went to the hotel to pull Lizzie out of there -- but lost her nerve at the last minute, not daring to go into the room.

Jericho meets Johnny's 'number one fan:' Annie, who obsessively follows Johnny around. She was camped out in the foyer watching people go in and out of the hotel. But she didn't see Johnny leave or Bridgewater arrive.

The day of the race Annie's body is found strangled in her apartment. Jericho pours through her diaries and discovers that Paul Weaver, the fourth of the "Golden Boys" who has disappeared, was still in contact with Johnny and they would meet at the 'BG'.

The 'BG' is a secret gay club in Soho -- the Blue Girl. Weaver, now a transvestite, reveals that Johnny is himself gay. Weaver's father, a British athletics official, had said he would pay off Johnny's debts if he got married, became respectable and kept away from his son. Bridgewater set Johnny up with Lizzie -- one of his girls, pregnant and who wanted to keep the baby... It seemed like the perfect plan.

In the race against Vukic, Johnny collapses on the track -- he's been poisoned in another attempt on his life.

Kellett confesses that the Russians had paid Johnny to throw the race -- it was the only way he could pay off his gambling debt when Weaver refused to pay up. Jericho questions Gina again -- she reveals that she had been in the hotel room that night -- but Johnny kicked her out. She wanted to go back into the room but when Bridgewater arrived she knew she couldn't confront the three of them. Johnny was in the room when Bridgewater arrived.

Johnny confesses to the murders of Bridgewater, Lizzie and Annie. He was in love with Bridgewater -- but when Bridgewater arrived at the hotel he had been terribly cruel, taunting Johnny about his sexuality. Something in Johnny snapped. Lizzie had become hysterical and so he silenced her by smothering her with a pillow. He had killed Annie for fear that she might have seen something at the Savoy -- and then attempted to kill himself on the racetrack in the hope that he wouldn't be around when the news -- who he really was and what he had done -- came out.

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