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Inspector Lewis
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Production Notes

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Colin Dexter

Prince Charles presented writer Colin Dexter with an OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) for "services to literature" in 2000. A former national crossword champion, Dexter studied Classics at Cambridge and once worked as an A-level examiner in English, Latin and Greek for the Oxford Board.

Colin Dexter was delighted to see his creation Lewis, as embodied by Kevin Whately, back in Oxford. The author of the Morse novels was kept fully appraised of the script for the new drama, and was a daily visitor to the set during filming in the city, when dedicated Morse fans were among the background artists in a few scenes. And he reprised his Hitchcockian role, familiar from many Morse films, by appearing as a bowler-hatted college scout who shows Lewis and Hathaway to the rooms of Danny Griffon in a scene filmed at Wadham College.

"I think that above all what the audience wants, apart from dear old Kevin, is a good story and I'm confident about this because I think it's a very good story. There are always people who say you should never regurgitate the past. I think the difficulty from the start was whether or not it would be wise to resurrect anything. But it seems to me that the joy of this is that we have the continuity from Inspector Morse, not only with Kevin, but with Oxford; and above all the wonderful camaraderie of the crew, who seem to be working together in exactly the same ways as in the balmy days of the 33 Morse films."

Dexter had seen his hero's health gradually worsen over the years since he introduced him and his new sidekick Lewis to the reading public in the first Morse novel Last Bus To Woodstock, published in 1975. After 13 novels, Colin Dexter said goodbye to Morse when he wrote the final novel, The Remorseful Day, published in 1999.

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