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The Inspector Lynley Mysteries

Missing Joseph Cast and Credits

Cast | Production Credits | Web Credits


Thomas Lynley

Nathaniel Parker
Barbara Havers

Sharon Small
Juliet Spence

Pippa Haywood
Maggie Spence

Charlotte Salt
Reverend Robin Sage

Tony Boncza
Polly Yarkin

Joanna Dunn
Helen Clyde

Lesley Vickerage

Christine Bottomley
Kenneth Shepherd

John Vine
Police Officer One

Robert Goldsbrough
Tony Philips

Adam Godley
Steve Shepherd

Jason Merrells
Sergeant Mason

Nathan Naylor
Woman At Bishop's

Maggie Guess

David Lyon
Kate Gutterman

Jane Galloway
Police Officer Two

Jon Millington

Roger Cartland
Mrs. Steed

Eliza Mclelland

Rebecca Lenkewicz

Production Credits

Based on the novels byElizabeth George

DirectorRichard Laxton

ScreenplayLizzie Mickery

ProducerRuth Baumgarten

Executive Producer for WGBHRebecca Eaton

Executive Producer for BBCPippa Harris

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Missing Joseph Web credits

Senior Producer
Louise Weber

Senior Designer
Tyler Howe

Senior Developer
Molly Frey

Anna Fort, research assistant

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