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The Inspector Lynley Mysteries
Author Elizabeth George
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Series 5

The Inspector Lynley Mysteries
Series 5 Encore & Series 6 Premiere

Airing Sundays, August 26 - October 14, 2007 on PBS
(Check local listings; dates and times may vary)

Series 5 originally aired September 2006

There's something terribly smooth and so very watchable about Inspector Lynley...
-- Daily Telegraph, Sydney

Four intriguing new mysteries mark the return of Inspector Lynley (Nathaniel Parker) and Sergeant Havers (Sharon Small), Elizabeth George's crime-cracking duo from opposite sides of the track.

No detective is better suited to expose the secrets of the upper classes than Lynley, himself the eighth Earl of Asherton. And while Havers may not know her earl from her escargot, she knows how to dig for clues in places a bit too seedy for the well-manicured Lynley.

An encore presentation of the last two episodes of Series 5 sets the stage for the premiere of Series 6. As it opens, Lynley has been suspended from duty and faces a disciplinary hearing, leaving Havers with a new boss, Detective Inspector Fiona Knight. Together, they're on the hunt for a killer in the countryside.

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