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The Inspector Lynley Mysteries

Series 3 Episode Descriptions

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Playing for the Ashes

Airs August 14, 2005

A sports hero, a scandalous affair and a house in flames compel Lynley to break the rules to smoke out the killer. The unconventional personal life of popular English cricket hero Kenneth Waring (Mark Brighton) is exposed when his body is found asphyxiated in a smoldering cottage belonging to a respected philanthropist. On that very same night, a nearby research facility is torched in the same way. Waring's 16-year-old son unconvincingly confesses to the arson, leaving Lynley to wonder whom the boy is protecting, and why.

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In the Presence of the Enemy

Airs August 21, 2005

The kidnapping of the secret love-child of a liberal Labor minister and conservative tabloid editor provides Lynley and Havers with their most politically sensitive case yet. The 10-year-old daughter of radical Labor Minister Eve Bowen (Sophie Okonedo) is abducted and the ransom note demands that the illegitimate father, tabloid editor Dennis Luxford (James Hazeldine), be revealed. While the politically polarized parents decide what to do, the girl's body is found. When Luxford's young son is snatched, the race is on to find the murderer before another child dies.

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A Suitable Vengeance

Airs August 28, 2005

Lynley's family loyalties are put to the test when he is called in to investigate a brutal murder near his family estate. Lynley returns to his ancestral lands to celebrate his recent engagement to Lady Helen Clyde (Lesley Vickerage), but the celebration is quickly overshadowed by the murder of a shopkeeper in a nearby village. Lynley is initially glad for the distraction, but when his investigation leads him back to his home, Lynley can't ignore the mounting evidence against a member of his own family.

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Deception on His Mind

Airs September 4, 2005

A suspicious death, accusations about racism on the police force and a community up in arms force Lynley and Havers to tread lightly before full-scale riots ignite the streets. Lynley is honeymooning in Mexico when the body of a young Pakistani man is found on a secluded beach near an English seaside resort. The detective assigned to the case, Emily Barlow (Emily Joyce), Havers' friend from police college, is so singularly focused on the guilt of a local firebrand that she jeopardizes the investigation. When Lynley returns from Mexico, Havers must convince him that something even more sinister than murder is going on.

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