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The Inspector Lynley Mysteries

Series 4 Episode Descriptions

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In Pursuit Of The Proper Sinner

Airs June 26, 2005

Lynley's assigned to a double murder, and persuades DCI Webberley to allow Havers onto the case. Young and attractive Nicola Maiden has been bludgeoned to death, while her apparent camping companion, Gerry Cole, has been stabbed. Nicola's father, retired Superintendent in Vice Andy Maiden, is convinced that his daughter is victim of a grudge killing by someone he helped put away.

As they uncover a wealth of dark secrets, Lynley and Havers are led into a murky world of prostitution and revenge in search of the killer's identity.

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A Traitor To Memory

Airs July 3, 2005

Lynley and Havers are called away from DCI Webberley's silver wedding anniversary party when a woman is killed on a quiet London street.

The victim, Eugenie Martin, has been knocked down and driven over several times. The man who found the body, James Pitchley, lives locally and has been detained until he can be ruled out of the investigation. Havers finds an address in Eugenie's car suggesting that she was on her way to visit Pitchley. However, when Lynley and Havers question him, he denies knowing Eugenie and is evasive about his whereabouts that night.

Havers traces Eugenie's ex-husband, Richard, and their son, Gideon, a virtuoso violinist. Neither Richard nor Gideon have seen Eugenie for 30 years, since she left after her daughter, Sophie, was killed by her nanny.

Lynley and Havers are convinced that the key to Eugenie's murder lies in Sophie's death and the pressure is on to find the killer before he or she strikes again.

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A Cry For Justice

Airs July 10, 2005

DC Havers and DC Billy Slaven discover a woman's body. It appears she's committed suicide, but Havers feels something is wrong and calls for assistance from Scenes of Crime officers.

Havers is then called to see Assistant Commissioner Hillier. She assumes she'll be reprimanded, but he commends her action and tells her that the dead woman, Morag MacNichol, was murdered. Hillier assigns her to the case with Lynley.

They both search Morag's flat, but all they find is a large amount of money hidden in a cupboard. The only clue is a sighting of a young man at Morag's flat on the night of the murder.

Lynley believes the answer lies in Morag's personal life, especially when he learns that Morag had recently been contacted by the son she gave up for adoption eighteen years earlier.

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If Wishes Were Horses

Airs July 17, 2005

Lynley and his pregnant wife Helen attend the funeral of Professor Dermot Finnegan. A forensic psychologist and Helen's former mentor, Finnegan was murdered by a car bomb.

Lynley and Havers are assigned to the case and at the funeral, Havers monitors the mourners. They find their first suspect when a car at the funeral turns out to be owned by Peter Stephanopholous, a convicted murderer who Finnegan helped put away. Also at the funeral is a mysterious woman who no one recognizes and who slips away afterwards without talking to anyone.

They go to Finnegan's home to interview Grace, his wife, and Maureen, his ex-wife, who has forced her way into staying with Grace until Finnegan's will is read. Havers searches Finnegan's office and finds a bundle of letters and photographs from women with whom he has had affairs -- including one from Helen.

Helen is eager to be involved with the case but Lynley insists that she should be taking it easy. Despite that, Helen goes through the Finnegan files and finds a love letter from Stephanopholous' wife, Gina. Helen sets off in her car to give the letter to Lynley but on a quiet country road, someone shoots at Helen's car, driving it off the road and into a tree. At the hospital, it's discovered that Helen's baby has died. Helen, unable to cope with the loss of the baby and her deteriorating relationship with Lynley, decides to leave him.

Lynley throws himself into solving the case. With Havers' help, he confronts the murderer -- Tessa Jellicoe, who'd been having a relationship with Finnegan's wife Grace. As events spiral out of control, Grace fires a gun at Tessa, but Havers gets in the way and is accidentally shot herself. Lynley calls for help, but it looks as though he may have lost both of the women closest to him...

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