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The Inspector Lynley Mysteries

Series 5 Episode Descriptions

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In Divine Proportion

Airs September 10, 2006

It is Havers' first day back at work after being shot, and her first case involves a young woman murdered with a shotgun in rural Suffolk. Though Havers is outwardly stoic, Lynley worries that it will reopen old wounds. When a photograph of the murdered woman arguing with a man is sent to the local police station, and a mysterious word is painted on the wall of the crime scene, it seems that someone connected with the case is trying to send them clues.

It transpires that the victim had only recently moved back to the village. She grew up there, but had left to go to university and had since been living in London. The pub landlord was still infatuated with her, the dead woman's husband knew she was unfaithful to him, and there seems to be a mystery surrounding the suicide of the victim's younger sister. As their investigations continue, the detectives uncover a dark secret that the village has kept hidden for years. In a final confrontation, Havers is held hostage at gunpoint and has to face her fears of being back in the line of fire.

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In the Guise of Death

Airs September 17, 2006

After spending some of her compensation money learning aikido at a retreat in Cornwall, Havers has been invited by Lynley's mother, Lady Asherton, to stay at the estate.

Lynley is also in Cornwall visiting his mother, but avoiding answering any questions about his relationship with Helen. When horse trainer Jim Fenner, who lives on a neighboring estate, is found hanged in his stable, the diversion delays the inevitable questioning.

The victim's money worries point to a verdict of suicide, but Lynley discovers a connection to a local smuggling racket and that Fenner had been drugged with horse anesthetic. Local copper DS Tremayne is very ambitious and hopes Lynley's help will gain him a promotion, but his enthusiasm leads to tragedy when a suspect house is set on fire.

Another lead takes Lynley and Havers into the local horse world, where they come into contact with the local aristocracy, including Lady Sarah Keach, a keen horsewoman and friend of Lynley's mother. Lynley is forced to think about where his future lies -- with the police or running his family estate? The killer may be closer to home than they imagined.

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The Seed of Cunning

Airs August 26, 2007

Originally aired September 24, 2006

Inspector Lynley and Detective Sergeant Havers are assigned to a new case back in London, following the discovery of a body floating in the Thames. The victim, Eric Ramsey, was a doorkeeper at the House of Lords. On closer inspection, it appears that he has been savagely beaten, having had his hands tied behind his back. Initially, it looks as if the murder may be connected to Ramsey's gambling debts, but when a Clerk at the House of Lords is also murdered, events seem to point to a wider conspiracy involving stolen documents. Havers sets to work tracing the missing documents, which turn out to be a test report on a missile system.

The detectives suspect that the murders may have been carried out by whoever was looking for the missing report. But they soon realize that they themselves are being followed. Who would benefit from the suppression of the test report? Is it that person who is having Lynley and Havers followed? And will they be able to get to the killer before someone else gets to him?

Meanwhile, Havers goes to a singles night in an attempt to establish a life for herself outside work.

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The Word of God

Airs September 2, 2007

Originally aired October 1, 2006

Lynley and Havers are called to Smithfield's Market, where the body of a man has been found frozen inside a meat truck. The victim is carrying a forged British passport and a parchment covered in Arabic script. The conclusion is that he was an illegal immigrant, but was it an accidental death? The page turns out to be part of an immensely valuable ancient golden Koran, more than enough motive for murder.

The victim had also had one of his kidneys removed, and would have been gravely ill as the remaining one was badly diseased. Lynley is showing signs of strain. Predatory lawyer Christine Marshall is pressuring him to start an affair, while Helen has written to him wanting a divorce. It leads him to be far less patient and tactful than usual with DI Brennan of the Immigration Department, who also has an official interest in the case. Through him, the detectives trace the passport forger, and an expert at the British Museum gives a lead to a dealer in ancient Muslim manuscripts.

But as the case progresses and he discovers that the victim's wife Narima is pregnant, Lynley has to ask himself how much he is willing to risk in order to solve the case.

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