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Malice Aforethought
Author Francis Iles
Cast + Credits

Malice Aforethought      TV 14, S, L
Airing Sunday, September 3, 2006 on PBS
(Check local listings; dates and times may vary)

Aired previously April 2005

In the picturesque village of Wyvern's Cross, tensions are at a boiling point. When the charming Dr. Bickleigh invites his gossipy neighbors to tea, taking the wrong -- or indeed right -- sandwich from the platter could literally be a matter of life or death. Based on the classic 1931 novel by Francis Iles, Malice Aforethought is a classic tale of infatuation, revenge, and the scandalous business of murder.

Between an endless round of garden parties and village rumors, the only way the long-suffering Dr. Edmund Bickleigh can bear the torment of his formidable wife's ferocious tongue is through solace in the arms of the sweet and infatuated Ivy Ridgeway.

But then Bickleigh falls in love with the exotic new resident of The Hall, Madeleine Cranmere. He offers to marry her, but she won't have a divorced man. With no other recourse, Dr. Bickleigh begins to contemplate his wife's demise...

Ben Miller (The Prince and Me, Johnny English), Barbara Flynn (He Knew He Was Right, The Forsyte Saga), and Megan Dodds (MI-5, Love in a Cold Climate) lead the ensemble cast in this unconventional story of murder and mania.

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Author Francis Iles

Cast + Credits


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