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Inspector Morse

Inspector Morse     
Airing Sundays, August 6 + 13, 2006 on PBS
(Check local listings; dates and times may vary)

Aired previously 1989/91

An encore presentation of two classic episodes from the Inspector Morse series, starring the incomparable John Thaw as Inspector Morse and Kevin Whately as Detective Sergeant Lewis.

The Ghost in the Machine (R)
Airing August 6, 2006

A break-in and the theft of several paintings at the home of Sir Julius Hanbury precipitates an investigation by Morse and Lewis. But is the death in question a murder? A suicide? Or perhaps an elaborate attempt to make a murder look like a suicide?

Watch for a cameo by the creator of Inspector Morse, Colin Dexter, in the first scene of The Ghost in the Machine: the fellows of Courtenay College assemble to elect a new Master. Dexter sits on the right side of the table.

The Sins of the Fathers (R)
Airing August 13, 2006

Money, fraud, an illicit affair and shadowy deceptions from the previous century lead to three murders and the ruin of a wealthy family in this edgy account of deception and treachery. It all begins when Trevor Radford is murdered as he leaves his financially-strapped brewery late one night.

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Preview: The Ghost in the Machine
Preview: The Sins of the Father

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