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The Murder Room
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Web Links

P. D. James

The Official Website of P. D. James.
What is P. D. James's favorite meal, and what does she keep on her desk at all times? Random House's P. D. James Web site answers these questions and more about the celebrated mystery novelist. Biographical information, a library of her work with an overview of and an excerpt from The Murder Room, and tips on how to write a mystery are available.

British Council: P.D. James
The British Council's Contemporary Writers site offers a searchable database of important authors from Great Britain and the Commonwealth. A P.D. James page includes a biography, bibliography and list of prizes and awards she has received. In an author statement, James discusses her fundamental objective in writing a detective novel.

Guardian Unlimited: Authors: P. D. James
The Guardian newspaper's online component, the Guardian Unlimited, provides this profile of P. D. James. Also available are links to a collection of Guardian articles and interviews that incorporate substantial biographical information on the author as well as some thoughtful reviews of James's novel The Murder Room.

The Literary Encyclopedia: James, P. D.
As a child, P. D. James's response to Humpty Dumpty was, "Did he fall or was he pushed?" Learn more about Britain's famous crime writer in this intriguing biographical essay, first published in The Literary Encyclopedia on 18 June 2004. Links are also available to Web sites of James's contemporaries, books about the author and other related Web pages.

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The Murder Room

Who Dunnit: The Murder Room
Who Dunnit is an online resource for reviews and synopses of important mystery writers. Here, Alan Paul Curtis, a writer and art-critic, gives a brief tribute to P. D. James and reviews The Murder Room.

The Complete Review: The Murder Room
Calling itself 'a literary saloon and site for review,' The Complete Review, offers an evaluation of selected books, in this case, P. D. James's The Murder Room. Review summaries from a list of online news sources are also available followed by a 'review consensus.'

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Inspector Adam Dalgliesh
The Lighthouse (October, 2005)
The Murder Room (2004)
Death in Holy Orders (2001)
A Certain Justice (1997)
Original Sin (1995)
Devices and Desires (1989)
A Taste for Death (1985)
Death of an Expert Witness (1977)
The Black Tower (1975)
Shroud for a Nightingale (1971)
Unnatural Causes (1967)
A Mind to Murder (1963)
Cover Her Face (1962)

Cordelia Gray
Skull Beneath the Skin (1982)
An Unsuitable Job for a Woman (1972)

The Children of Men (1992)
Innocent Blood (1980)

The Girl Who Loved Graveyards (1996)
Murder, 1986 (1970)
The Mistletoe Murder (1998)

Murder in Triplicate (omnibus) (1980)

Anthologies edited
Sightlines (2001) (with Harriet Harvey Wood)

Time to be in Earnest: A Fragment of an Autobiography (2000)
Maul and the Pear Tree (co-author) (1971)

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