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Miss Marple receives a cryptic letter from an old friend who has recently died. Acknowledging her flair for crime and justice, Mr. Rafiel invites Miss Marple to investigate a 'possible crime,' but his letter leaves no clue as to the nature of the offence -- or the suspects.

Instead, she is booked onto a mystery bus tour, hosted by the captivating Georgina Barrow, to gather clues. Miss Marple and her nephew Raymond West begin to investigate, noting the other passengers. It seems that everyone is there by chance, and as they will discover, they have all been invited on the trip by the deceased Mr. Rafiel. The passengers are all interconnected in some way and, more to the point, they are all linked to a young girl, Verity Hunt, who went missing during the war.

Mr. Rafiel's son Michael and Verity were lovers. She had fled from a nun's sanctuary in the dead of night to be with Michael, but had never been seen again.

Sister Clotilde and Sister Agnes ran the sanctuary from which Verity fled, but this is only the beginning of the mysterious associations among the passengers. The Sisters also nursed injured soldier Martin Waddy before returning him to his wife Rowena. Verity had also lodged with Sydney Lumley before he met his young wife Margaret, who bears a striking resemblance to the missing girl. This similarity shocks Mr. Raeburn, the elderly ex-butler to the caustic lady of the manor Amanda Dalrymple, who is traveling with an obsequious lawyer friend, Derek Turnbull.

With the help of young detective DC Colin Hards, Miss Marple and Raymond unravel the secrets of the past to fulfill a promise to a dear old friend.


The original music heard in Miss Marple Series 3: Nemesis was composed by Dominik Scherrer and Richard Hammarton. Additional music featured in this episode includes:

Jeannine, I Dream of Lilac Time by Shilkret/Gilbert
EMI United Partnership Ltd
Living Era CDAJA5390

That's My Weakness Now by Green/Stept
Shapiro Bernstein & Co Ltd
Living Era CDAJA5390

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