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Ordeal by Innocence

Story Synopsis

Plot Revealed Below!

Jacko Argyle -- convicted of murdering his adoptive mother Rachel -- went to the gallows protesting his innocence. Jacko's family are shocked when, some months later, stranger Dr. Arthur Calgary proves that Jacko did have an alibi -- he was with him at the time of the murder.

Widower Leo Argyle is about to be remarried to his secretary, and Miss Marple's former housemaid, Gwenda Vaughan. Miss Marple arrives at Sunny Point, the family home, for the wedding and discovers that, not only were all of the Argyle children adopted, but that Rachel was not liked by any of them.

Hester is on medication for emotional problems, Mary lives at Sunny Point with her resentful and money-hungry husband Philip and Bobby strives desperately to hold the family together. Meanwhile, Tina and Micky keep their distance. The family seems to function much better though without the hostile presence of Rachel, giving them all a motive for murder. And none of them have a cast iron alibi.

When the finger of suspicion rests on Gwenda, described as Rachel's worst enemy by housekeeper Kirsten, she decides to enlist her old friend Miss Marple in some sleuthing. Gwenda is murdered before she has the chance to reveal the identity of the killer. But more heartbreak is yet to come, as the family are torn apart by the very darkest of secrets...


The original music heard in Miss Marple Series 3: Ordeal by Innocence was composed by Dominik Scherrer and Richard Hammarton. Additional music featured in this episode includes:

I'll Never Fall in Love Again by Novick/Lenart
Sonoton Music Gmbh & Co SCD357

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